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  • Tyler Van Keuren - Phenomenal Potential, Held back by our changing Industry

    I am known for writing lengthy and thoroughly in-depth reviews of games, whether they be good, bad, or Eli Wallach.

  • Lisa - perfect

    This product is exactly as described. It was shipped very quickly after ordering, and was delivered quickly as well. Everything seems to be as expected and as described in the description:

  • M Dearest - Page Turner

    What a story! Just when things look bad, they get worse and even more impossible. Kept me on the edge of my seat. The only good thing about this book ending is that perhaps I'll get some work done. Glad Scott Pratt has written other books! This was my first but won't be my last.

  • VeryOn - Advanced, forward thinking design with equal containment opportunity...superior to folders!

    My grandfather ran businesses, and his father before him. We used to keep women in loose leaf folders. Recently I realized the immense opportunities presented by new technology. We have come so far in our containment, there's no reason to look back now. Stride forward with a new and durable binder! Large quantities of women fit comfortably under your arm and don't easily get out of place! It used to be that one wrong move would leave stacks of women all over your floor. What a mess!

  • Watza Matta U? - Super Program and Almost FREE

    When I purchased this program, there was a promotion listed on the box that offered three months of service on free. The value of three months of is about $39.00. With the program costing $39.95 and including three months of Ancestry, in essence the program is costing you 95 cents. That in itself is a No Brainer. Family Tree Maker is outstanding and works hand in hand with as the program and Website are from the same people. When you make a change in either the program or on the website, you can sync via the program and both entities will update with the latest information. In addition, in my opinion, is the premier Genealogy site on the web. There are a lot of them out there... this one tops them all. You should be very pleased with your purchase. One word of caution: Read the program instructions for doing the install. If you do, it should install seamlessly and the syncing feature will work well. Best of fortune.

  • Christopher Andrews - You have to be in a major city just to receive good channel reception

    We are very dissatisfied with this antenna. You have to be in a major city just to receive good channel reception. If you're on the road or in a small city you'll hardly receive any channels. Our original antenna was so much better.

  • LiveLoveLaugh - Worth the price and more!

    I bought this product twice already. They come in packs of two and this was my first time applying a tempered glass protector to my phone. The first time I bought it, I applied the first protector incorrectly and I had to throw it away (fingerprints got all under...). I was a bit sad but was okay because the price for both was so low anyway. I successfully applied the second and it looked great! It does float a big on the edges but as I understand, that's how all tempered glass protectors will be on the iPhone 6s because the edge of the phone itself is a bit curved. I was worried it would reflect light (because it's glass), making it difficult for me to see my screen. But it actually felt like the colors might be a bit more crisp! And it didn't leave too many fingerprints (which I hate!) after use.