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  • barna60 - What a joke!

    I've been using for a week, no difference! I'm like the other complainers, as this was a trial, but cc got charged anyway. This will teach me a lesson to not let people lie about a product they are selling. Pretty much agree with the other customers, of dissatisfaction, and every thing they say.

  • Wilma - superb value

    Used nearly every day since in my work van. Marvelous piece of kit for the price. Proved its worth when an idiot reversed into me and tried to claim I ran into him. Soon changed his mind when I showed him and the police the video. RESULT!!!!

  • kdfuser - I don't understand how this trap could have worked for others

    This trap is useless to my squirrels situation. And I don't understand how this trap could have worked for others, either.

  • Beckylu - TOTALLY AWESOME!

    As I was switching channels, I came across a tv ad about oil pulling with coconut oil. That got me curious. I goggled the book and found Dr. Bruce Fife's website. I was amazed at the numerous cures stated by using coconut oil, and the testimonials by so many people. I bought 3 books by Dr. Fife: "Coconut Cures", "Oil Pulling Therapy" and "The Coconut Oil Miracle". They are sooo interesting! I started using the oil in my cooking, oil pulling, and using it topically. I feel lighter, hardly hungry, and my face and body is looking smoother. My tongue has never looked so smooth and clean, my clothes don't fit as tight. I've been using it for about a month. All I can say is "PRAISE GOD". Since "Coconut Cures" and "The Coconut Oil Miracle" contain basically the same information, I gave "The Coconut Oil Miracle" book to my sister Sarah. She's also been using the oil and has noticed many "good" changes. I told two other people about coconut oil and they are also using it. Thank you, Dr. Fife, for sharing this life-changing information to the world. God bless you now and always!!!

  • Libby M Christensen - Started to smoke

    I really liked the first comfort zone refill I used. However I noticed that I could see a smoke coming from it. It was about mid way through the container. I ended up pulling it out of the outlet and it smelled like it was burning. Too afraid to use it on the other container.