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  • Jeff Goeke - Perfect fit. Awesome value!

    Easy to install once I lined it up. A very easy DIY project and a nice savings from the original manufacturer parts. Fit perfectly on my 2014 Honda CR-V.

  • Preston - Some pointers on the XS bag

    I wanted to get a small bag because I got tired of gathering my daily items and finding pockets to put them in or holding them in my hand. I wasn't hot on the idea of the "man bag" but once I got over it, am much happier. I'd known about Timbuk2 for a while so when I just wanted a standard messenger, I didn't have to think too much about which brand to look at because it really can become an endless search. The only thing I had to think about was the size. I don't have many items to carry so I went with the XS and it's a perfect size for my requirements with plenty of space for other random things.

  • Jordan - A Leak Sealer That Works

    I was skeptical of any sort of quick fix but I had a leak in my 500 hundred gallon spa that was quite substantial. The reason I went with this versus draining the spa and fixing the PVC is because it was about 14 degrees and has been hovering around those temps for a couple months. So adding 200 hundred gallons a week untill spring or trying this item were my choices. I followed the directions removed the filter and added around 8 to 10 ounces and kept it recirculating for two days no heater on.(Can only turn heater down to 80 not completely off) Then for 4 days I went out stirred the water around(Some of the sealer will settle to low points) and had it recirculate for 4 hours. I marked the water line and haven't had any noticeable water loss for going on two weeks now.I did need to vacuum up what little remained and wipe down the water line but whats 20 minutes? Pretty impressed.

  • dmof10 - Can be helpful

    This will just depend on your skin type. You do feel the cooling effect when you put it on. Will help with pimples, but after a month of use no real difference in scars. A useful product, but not for scars depending on your skin type.

  • Squatch - Nice headlamp...

    I just got this Moobom 500 Lumen headlamp yesterday and got to try it out last night. I bought this mostly for myself for when the kids and I take our dog out for summer walks at night when it is cooler and I want to have my hands free of a flashlight. I elected to buy another headlamp because I have seen more and more people who walk in low light conditions using headlamps to alert oncoming vehicles they are walking. You definitely will be seen when utilizing this headlamp. The rear safety light on this one is a real added bonus feature for that reason. I already have several headlamps I use for camping and emergencies but I don’t want to unpack them and not have them where I need them… when I need them.