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  • Super Shopper - A Real Review

    I was skeptical about purchasing due to some negative reviews mostly from other sites. However, I'm so glad I tried this product! I have read that the company is a scam, if so well they've got me! I bought this for myself, a mid 40s woman who developed sudden skin problems in recent years, and for my teen. I must say that yes, I saw results in just one day. We have both seen remarkable results with several days use. I only use once a day at night. I have never had skin problems so as you could imagine when I started to break out I, too, quickly tried other things. Proactiv was too harsh for me, as was the OTC products...salacytic acid and benzoyl peroxide. The Clinique acne formula also did nothing to help my skin. This product smells pleasant and is not overly drying to the skin, which I was surprised about. In fact, I haven't used a moisturizer yet. I'm examining closely to see if I will need to.

  • Brent Bacon - You have to have a pretty good knowledge and be confident in what you are ...

    Worked ok. I have a farm and a shop, so attaching it to the ATV was fairly simple, however I can see it being very challenging to a hobbyist without these resources. And as others have noted, there is no way to gauge the feed other looking into the hopper at the opening of the feed gate. You have to have a pretty good knowledge and be confident in what you are doing, otherwise you may waste seed by overseeding. Seem to work well for me.

  • Jamie - So easy to use !!

    This was so easy to read my SD card even mini SD snd more. I even read a couple of my SDcards that I had music on and I was good to go with this card reader /writer handy device it was so actually easier than I thought I thought that it was going to be a mission to actually set up and convert what I had on my SD card to my CELPHONE!!! All I did was plug the Sd card into the realtor and then that up to my phone after something to title it pops up on my device file manager that you could go right on the App Store ..and I wS good to go .All my stuff was right there on my cell phone!!I was so happy and still happy till this day.wish the wire was a little bit longer but other then that this has helped me so much!!I purchased this game camera view at a discount and have found that this is an awesome and a must have device for everyone !'it is made out of good material and dies the job intend with getting to read multiple different sizes of cards!

  • gatorface2 - Light Weight & Good Storage

    This is a great light weight bag with lots of storage. The feet are nice so the bag does not slide on surfaces like other bags.