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  • Sk Dutta - They are all available on the web

    I have not read these letters so I cannot give it 5 stars but no one can dispute the value of these letters. Out of curiosity I did a search on the letters on google and found all the letters dating back from 1959 in two websites.

  • jluczky - GOOD LUCK!

    I can tell you hindsight from taking the NCLEX 2014 that many of the sample questions in this review book were very similar to the test. This is NOT the only study resource you should use, but Do understand the sample questions in it. I wish I had done so, for confidence purposes. You'll see what I mean after the exam. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • armando - Professional clippers-Great buy at a great price

    I bought these because this is the only brand I have ever seen used by barbers over the years. I'm using these to maintain the shape of my goatee as well as trimming sideburns and haircut hair lines between haircuts. Doing this is allowing me to stay well groomed the entire time between haircuts. These can almost be used to replace razors depending on how sharp you have them set . The clippers sharpness can be adjusted by removing the two screws on the metal plate and adjusting the screw on the inside of the plate. Do not remove the screw on inside of the plate it is only meant to be slightly loosened and then retightened. There are videos online that show you exactly how to preform this Do not let the reviews that complain over the lack of sharpness lead you not to buy these, because all those negative reviewers had to do is adjust the sharpness to their desired likeness. Don't neglect to clean and maintain these properly, there are also videos online that show you exactly how to clean it as well as what is required to clean the clippers.

  • HK is OK - Excellent product with two faults.

    I really enjoy having this phone. It is sophisticated, having some very desirable features. The Android 4.0 is a big improvement. The pull down controls are super handy. It allows for some quick changes like turning on/off wifi, data, screen brightness, rotation and some others. I like that a lot. The large screen is bright, clear and sharp. Touch response is excellent. Buttons controls are solid and the camera is excellent.

  • Jrod The Gr8 - Junk

    Saw the commercial and figured $20 wasn't bad to just see if this crap works as I have seen the results of hydro seeding which is an amazing option for a full lawn in just a few weeks. This hydro-mousse crap is basically a green dye and a bag of grass seed. The "mixture" does not make a mousse. The part of the commercial where they spray the board and flip upside down is rediculous. Look at all the ratings on here and know this product is JUNK! Don't waste your cash.