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  • Krulak - Shorty

    Garage door broke off factory antenna. Also breaking the mount when the door didnt open all the way. This new antenna is shorter which should help avoid the problem in the future.

  • Luisa - Neocell Super Collagen t C (White bottle)

    I have been using this product for several months. I have not seen a difference in my nails nor my skin or hair thickness. I however, feel that it has really helped my knees. I go for much longer periods with out pain or stiffness. Also, I noticed that I am losing fewer hairs. Unless, I hear of some negative side affects, I will continue to use this product.

  • Samuel Burke - With modern looks, makes a beautiful accent

    We've recently remodeled our kitchen, changing the style from vintage 1950's, to a modern look of stainless steel and granite. The Akdy 30" range hood was our first installation after everything in the kitchen was gutted to bare walls.

  • kenneth bittner - trash, save your money

    The reason i'm only going to give the two stars is because of the 10 day cleanse phase. The cleanse phase works well it's the products after the cleanse phase that are garbage. The meal replacement shake and the MNS pills that are terrible. I got so sick from these supplements I couldn't even get off the couch. Blur vision, headaches, beyond tired, etc. Mind you I'm a very healthy eater as it is and exercise 4 times a week.Save your money because this is definitely not what it is said to be.