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  • M. D. Minuth - Gimmicky device, not worth the cost. Need to take phone out of protective vault/case to charge

    Had to take the phone out of my Otterbox to charge. There was an answer that said it would charge, but it didn't. Had to unplug the USB from my computer and put it into a wall charger. Got the lights to light up but still sits at 82%. Device lights are off but the charging icon is showing. It's a gimmick like Sea Monkeys

  • Ashley - Seems like a great back brace support

    Seems like a great back brace support. I purchased this for my husband as he frequently had a sore back. We have an outdoor wood boiler, so he is lifting heavy wood twice a day. Then in the warmer months, he spends hours cutting and splitting wood.

  • KyMom - Handy and Portable

    I have used this many times in our RV and it works perfectly. You can control the temperature however you want and it is very portable and a convenience to use. I would recomment this product to anyone. I am happy with this purchase and I think the price was reasonable!