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  • Amazon Customer - Worst customer service

    We did research on this product before purchasing this system as we were looking for a wireless system with easy set up. Reviews on price and installation were good and there didn't seem to be any issues. The system itself we did like; however customer service is the worst we have ever encountered. Our first issue was the system worked for about 14 hours then had no signal. They had a T-Mobile base instead of Verizon which gets better service in our area; however no one answered our call directly so we had to leave a message and 4 hours later someone contacted us when we told them what happened and they sent us the appropriate part for the base to run. Next we had issues with our motion sensors that kept going off repeatedly. As with our first issue we were NEVER able to speak to someone directly and always had to leave a message. Then a phone call wasn't returned for 3 to 4 hours. Seriously... it was ridiculous and very frustrating. Not only that but no one could give us reasons why the sensors kept going off. They were supposed to be set to be pet friendly as we have cats. Anything under 40 pounds should not set them off. Well our 5 1/2 pound kitten and 8 pound cat apparently were an issue. We moved the sensors several times and they were 8 feet off the ground not near any television or WiFi. We were then told it could be our the heat and we moved them again. They then said two of them could be defective and sent us two to replace the ones that were going off all the time, but then the others were then going off. In a weeks time between all the motion sensors they went off 7 times. The last time we were out of the testing period which we already had them extend and the police were notified and then the call was cancelled because we knew it was a false alarm. Each time we had had any issues or concerns we had to leave a message and wait 3 to 4 hours for someone to call us back. Only once did we receive a call back in 1 1/2 hours. Everyone we spoke to did not appear to know anything about the system or how to find out what the problem was because they were more interested in getting off the phone. One person even told us they hired a lot of new people who were in training. At one point we were told to email and the response to our concerns would be quicker, so I did just that. Two days later they responded to my email which I had already spoken to someone about the issue by phone because I also left a message to be called about the same concern I sent in the email. Besides that their email did not answer my question just told me to contact them with questions. They have no records kept of any calls so they could try to address any issues. When I called to get a return label to return their product for a full refund, they emailed it to me shortly after my call and the system was returned the next day. A week later I get an email stating they don't have any signal from my system and to run a test. I emailed them telling them they obviously do not keep track of their calls as I had a return label sent to me a week ago and it was in route. A response email was sent thanking me for my response and telling me if I had any issues or questions with my system to contact them.....what? Then a week later the same generated email about my system having a signal. Again I responded telling them the above and do not send me any email with the previous response only to tell me my money was refunded. Since then we are with another wireless system who answers the phone, keep records of all calls and concerns and even emails you about your call, what the issue was and that the concern was resolved. I believe Simplisafe needs to learn that customer service lesson. To use Simplisafe was Simplihell.

  • Mike68W - Good but with a major flaw (the battery)

    Yes it's pretty but without a working battery it's not much more than a paperweight. Battery died after only 6 months of use, Toshiba charged me $120 for a warratny replacement that has yet to ship 2 months later (backorded).

  • Shopper22 - Works alright, about the same a a standard window cleaner

    I was hoping to be WOW'd by this product due to many of the other reviewers who love it. I have been using on the mirrors in my bathrooms and on my dresser mirrors in the house - eh. It cleans them and does a pretty decent job, but some slight streaking or marking does remain. I've tried cleaning the mirrors with paper towels, and a cloth. I get the same results.