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  • Charles White - Good Operations, bad function check from the manufacturer

    I have used other White's metal detecting products in the past. I currently, have a Garrett, Scorpion. This was my first actual purchase from White's Electronics. When I received this detector I opened it up and verified everything was in the box. After putting it together, I tried it out. Since, my headphones had not arrived I was going to rely on the built in speaker for the tones. The speaker was not functional. I opened the housing and found a very loose 2 pin male to female connector for the speaker. This connector can only be put together one way due to a clip on the side and design of the clip. I rigged it to reverse the leads just to see if it was something that simple. It was, but permanently fixing it, I had to extract the female pins and reverse them. I know that mistakes happen, but a mistake in manufacturing should be caught by quality checks. This problem is a pretty simple fix for someone who works with electronics, but for the novice this is a headache and a returned product. Using the term "Made in the USA" invokes an emotion in Americans. I hope that this company can take steps to ensure the quality of the product. Other than the initial issue, the design and operation is very good. I have only been using this for a week though.

  • muther - Prison etiquette

    Since I found found this author Scott Pratt and read all of his books I believe I have found a very good writer and have broadened my horizons on prison life and prison etiquette. Plus I feel better taught how to look at lawyer's. And the entire judicial system, from low to as high as you can go! This book took me on a wild screaming, give up, then said hell no, get up and fight ride all the way through. Justice, dam it, was finally redeemed!

  • Golden Raspberry - Lerosett is must for acne regimen.

    Have used this product for about a year and the results are great. This is part of my acne regimen to keep my skin clear. When I started using Lerosett I had really bad acne and would apply it to bumps and leave on overnite. By morning Lerosett clay would have dried up most bumps and skin felt much better.

  • j.r. - Paul Simon's life and hits

    I received an advance reader's copy of this book from Librarything's Early Reviewers program in exchange for a review.