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  • NickG - Awesome Bag!!

    Everything I expected in a cart bag. Callaway has proven to be a leader in the industry once again!! Buy one!!


    Caution: I have been using many of these over the past few years. I know exactly how the packaging is supposed to look. This ear piece was opened and used for sure. Even the small piece that goes into my ear was still dirty. They are not brand new as advertised. Upon close inspection the packaging stickers were removed and replaced to seem like new. PAY CLOSE ATTN WHEN OPENING YOUR PACKAGING. I am positive they are selling used or returned items. My battery would not hold a charge. I had to return it.

  • Amazon Customer - Good Series 😎

    I'm Happy Everything Worked Out For Everyone But I Would Love To Hear More About Juvie & Solai. Like Did They Get Married? Have A Baby? Like What Happened With Harvey & His Girl. It's like it more to the story of this crew to be told.

  • dena - Amazing!

    I usually do not take the time to write reviews especially if I havent purchased the item from Amazon but I felt really strongly about this product. I got a sample of the shampoo and conditioner from CVS, tried it and loved it. I have bleached hair, very dry and brittle, ends break off very easily and it had stopped growing so it seemed. Also I came off a really rough time with stress and lost a ton of weight, kind of malnourished myself. Combine that with hormonal issues and my hair has thinned quite a bit. I tried lots of high end salon brands but nothing comes close to this. It made my hair thicker, smoother and so manageable! I thought ok, first time use is blowing me away but I bet if I keep using it I will go back to the way it was .. limp and thin and dull! Nope .. I bought the small bottles of this at cvs at 9.99 a pop and I use very very little and WOW ... 7 days and haven't had a bad hair day yet! The smell is nice too, it lasts. And I don't have to wash my hair daily just to get a nice style. I highly recommend this for my hair type ladies out there. You won't be sorry. Yes it is very expensive .. but to me, worth every penny. Watch for sales and discounts!! I will be buying the next size up next time I buy. A little goes a long way. I have not tried the glossing cream yet, but I can't imagine it getting any better.

  • Cookie-o - IMHO - Ripoff!

    IMHO, this book is a rip-off because it does not include how to run payroll - instead it promotes Intuit payroll services. What do you think would motivate the author to do this?

  • Joey - The need to step it up

    Quickbooks for mac has always been really bad. Its better then it use to be but still not the same as it is for PC. They just need to spend more time on the development side of things. I didnt feel like learning a new system or paying a lot more for another system so I'll take what I can get!