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  • Miss_B - Love it! Great product for false lash junkies!!...

    After ruining my natural eyelashes and developing blepharitis from using semi permanant eyelash extensions for over 2 years straight, i ended up with no lashes,

  • A. I. Smith - Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse

    this is a 21 day purification and cleanse program. Afterwards your liver and gall bladder should be cleared of toxins. Sometimes you have to use these products twice to be completely cleansed. I don't like some of the proteins and shake mixes. That is the short one star. Standard Process products can be taken with confidence.

  • J. Lonneville - Easy to Use. Covers all of the basics

    The Rick Steves books tend to cover the basics and be fairly up to date. This book did not disappoint. Several of the walks were a bit difficult to follow but overall it was great. Provided some background knowledge and ideas that I used to plan a trip. When in Rome, I kept it in my bag and used as needed. Overall, worth the value.

  • trying2work - Patience required

    Purchasing QB w Payroll from Amazon is a much less expensive way to go than buying from QB. However, if you are switching from Online to desktop PRO, you will want to make dead sure all your files have transferred and that you Profit and Loss is the same in both programs before moving into Pro and making any changes. As far as QB support goes, they always want to sell you something. It is so frustrating trying to get legitimate answers to problems they themselves have admitted when you do a file conversion. Finally, I got transferred into the support group people and they were so very helpful and patient. Our file conversion did not go well, but I'll give them credit on this much - when I got a knowledgeable person on the line who was not out to sell support service, we received great help. Oh, by the way, if you have more than 3 employees, you must pay to get unlimited employees.

  • Amazon Customer - seriously works wonders

    ok so I'm a teenage girl. and teenage girls love having long hair. my hair was at the middle of my back when I first started using this and its extremely thick and always tangled. I just got the set of Mane N Tail shampoo and conditioner for Christmas. it is amazing!! at first I was a bit skeptical when actually using it because of the shampoo. I was so used to my hair being a bit softer after shampooing but with this it wasn't really like that; it felt courser (I guess that's what it was). turns out, it was actually cleaning my hair better and getting all the irrelevant residue left by most shampoos. but definitely use the conditioner!! my hair is currently close to my lower back and my hair is a bit thicker and tangled (as always). Definitely recommend this though!!

  • Truth Be Told - It works for me

    I have suffered with bad breath all my life. I have tried Cepacol Antibacterial, Smart Mouth Advanced, Listerine, Act Restoring, scope etc etc. The only one that worked was Listerine, but the problem I had with Listerine besides the alcohol is that the effects/fresh breath only last for an hour maybe two. I resorted to chewing gum to hide my breath (a pack a day)and this cause my teeth to develop cavities. I decided to give breathrx a try since the price on amazon was such a good deal 15.89 compared to 19.99 at a local store.