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  • Greenmoonlore - Golden Rule

    I use exclusively natural hair products. After years of this my hair is seriously dry and brittle and broken. Dry, stiff, sad, easily tangled, but still grows long fast. I was like "what do i do? I don't want to go back to the toxic load of hair awsomeness and sacrifice my health. I can't!!!" I was very desperate for a solution.

  • HunGuy - I'm in love with my 2015 Tommaso Imola!

    In short: I think this is a gorgeous, elegant, precise bike, on par with others three times its price. It exceeded all my expectations, I enjoy it tremendously, and every time I look at it I want to take it for a ride. I'm 5'7" (145 lbs.) with a 30" inseam, and the Small size (intended for 5'6"-5'8") is a perfect fit. Read on for some details...

  • S. Shah - Best all around virus scan out there..period

    I've been a fan of Kaspersky's products for many years now and I've gotten all of my family members to use it. It was one of first virus scans to update multiple times a day instead of once per week as many products used to do. Nothing is fool proof however the heuristics utilized in this product are second to none in my opinion. Do your own research for "Virus Scan" reviews on Google (Filter by year!)

  • Dani - Great Purchase.

    Exactly what I needed to install the light bar on my side-by-side. Quite simple to install as well. The wiring is quite sturdy. If you are wondering if you show buy this...do it.

  • anonymous mom - Norwex cloths beat all for wiping down my kitchen - ...

    Norwex cloths beat all for wiping down my kitchen - greasy stove, built-up gunk on the microwave, crumby counter, grime on cabinets...Just plain water and the cloth does the trick.

  • Saul Gonzalez - lyrics that were made to inspire

    This album is my favorite album of all time. So much feeling in this album. J. Cole is one of the realist rappers. I wish more rappers made music like this honestly. This has so many words that inspired me. "Do you want to be happy?"

  • tami28501 - This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair

    This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair. My hair tends to be dry and lifeless from using a blow dryer and being middle aged my hair is dryer anyway. I have used this product about once a week since I received it and have very much been impressed with the look and feel of my hair.