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  • Carly Batte' - It's hard to tell if it worked...

    I started taking this product to get rid of a bloated stomach. I took alot of aspirin the worst time I could (while drinking alcohol), so after reading some reviews, I thought this might help. I noticed some difference, but I also started working out at the same time and changing my habits some, so I don't really know if this worked or not. I had no side effects from it, only my stomach would make some weird noises out of nowhere without me being hungry or gassy. No strange bowel movements either. I would definitely try this product again, it did make me feel good.

  • Samantha - Perfect!

    This book is great! A lot of the treats are really nice to make around the October, November, December months since that's when a lot of the ceremonies go in the Harry Potter books that include lots of food. Plus, a lot of the food just has an autumny feel. I also read someone's previous comment about there not being any Pumpkin Juice or Butterbeer recipe. This is only half true. There is a Pumpkin Juice recipe listed on page 40 in the book. Butterbeer is not included, however I found the recipe for Butterbeer here & it's supposed to taste almost exactly like Universal Orlando's Butterbeer. Here is the recipe . I'm actually in the process of making a recipe page for Butterbeer so people can print it out & tape/paste/staple the recipe into the book.