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University of Otago School of Biomedical Sciences - The University of Otago School of Biomedical Sciences undertakes a broad range of world-class research, from agriculture to medicine.

  • http://osms.otago.ac.nz/about/ About the School of Biomedical Sciences - Part of the University of Otago Medical School, the School of Biomedical Sciences (BMS) is home to over 2,500 students and 400 staff.
  • http://osms.otago.ac.nz/research/ Research at the School of Biomedical Sciences - Expertise within our departments is comprehensive, with many collaborative research projects and activities within the University and with external organisations.
  • http://osms.otago.ac.nz/contacts/ Contact the School of Biomedical Sciences - Contact details for the University of Otago School of Biomedical Sciences including phone, fax, email, postal, and physical addresses.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 170.5119 Otago, New Zealand

  • Stimpy - design flaw

    Well like everyone else says, this product is ok for temperature but leaves a lot to be desired for reading humidity. This being said, with a few mods it works fine as a hygrometer. I added a few more holes with a drill approx 1/8" and now it actually reads humidity quite well. I added a total of 13 holes around the unit, 5 on each side and 3 on the bottom. Now it adjusts the humidity reading every 15-20 seconds and levels out in about 10 minutes and actually reads the right humidity when compared to my dial hygrometer. So this tells me that there is a design flaw with the amount of air flow allowed by the factory vents, thus not allowing the unit to process the volume of air needed to make accurate readings.

  • Web TV Guy - Better Solution Than Rabbit TV

    I found a better solution than Rabbit TV after watching the Rabbit TV review video on YouTube -- Not a good rating -- Watch This...

  • Amazon Customer - light burnt out 2nd week of hardly running it, ...

    light burnt out 2nd week of hardly running it, when will the next fizzle, thanks for stealing a cancer patients money CHINESE

  • Common Sense - Model not worth the money, Disappointed- Seller shipped quickly, smooth transaction.

    I had a 1/3 HP InSinkErator Badger which is a "lesser" model. The Badger performed much better than this model. The badger always took whatever I threw at it, even when cleaning out the refrigerator. The Badger was noticeably quieter than this model and had far less vibration. The new model also comes with a new baffle which is designed to make the disposal quieter by forming a noise barrier made of water. I found it doesn't work all that well and stops up too much water and food has to manually be pushed down. It seems to always have food stuck in the baffle. Annoying! The rubber is far too stiff to operate correctly. The badger is made from galvanized steel which corrodes. This model (Evolution) is made from stainless steel. My Badger corroded and started to leak water out of small holes from the grind chamber. My badger was estimated to be 13+ years old. It was in the home when I bought it 13 years ago. I even liked it so much, I kept it after renovating my kitchen and reinstalled it. If I purchase a disposal in the future it will be a Badger model they now offer in stainless steel. (Badger 15SS) The best of both worlds. Badger 15ss is $135.00 and I spent $174.00 for the evolution. Or $74.93 will get me exactly what I had, a Badger 1 model.

  • DoctorDiva - It works for me...

    And that's what matters. I had severe thinning at my hairline and used this product 3 times a week for 2 months. I can honestly say that my hairline has thickened up tremendously. I will buy this product again, and again, and again....