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  • William C. Trust - Finally An antenna that works for the 2014 Equinox.

    Finally a stubby antenna that works with a Equinox. I've bought several from other manufactures that were supposed to fit but didn't. When we bought are 2014 Equinox I ask the dealer to get me a shorter antenna due to limited garage height. Well they did but threads for the antenna was too coarse and would not work. They said they don't have a replacement. Well guess who going to let them know were they can get them. As far as the antenna itself it is well constructed and I feel reception is better than the original antenna. Plus it is made in the USA>

  • Schmuffin - Complete waste.

    Though this review is going to be very short, it will take longer to write than the items shelf life. The first one arrived and stopped working after the first 20 seconds. The replacement arrived DOA. Very disappointing product.

  • Eileen M. King - Gorgeous

    A gift to all nieces and nephews for the past 10 years. They tell me each year how amazing their Christmas tree looks with these ornaments, I have seen all their trees, and they are right. For me, this is a great Christmas gift that will be pasted on to their children.

  • A.D. - 2nd time i ordered this product... and ...

    2nd time i ordered this product...and will continue to puchases product when i complete my last .... its truly a "PERFECT AMINO"

  • Rich - This is an EXCELLENT product. Not only did it whiten my teeth ...

    This is an EXCELLENT product. Not only did it whiten my teeth as describe, I had 0 problems using it. I have to admit, once the treatment is done, it was a gooey mess to clean (the mouthpiece), but it's a small price to pay for not having to goto the dentist for (but I still go for checkups).

  • Melinda Nichols - We love Cozmo!

    Cozmo is a must have for all ages! Even as an adult he is so easy to bond with, it is hard to walk away from such cuteness. So much more than what I expected, even my teenager prefers to play games with Cozmo than on her phone (amazing). Watching him "learn" his surroundings is impressive, we even watched him roll toward a ledge and stop himself. We let Cozmo pick the games and he really comes to life by teasing us with "Keep Away." Well done Anki!

  • Clare Anderson - Part of me thought that this might be hype/ another waste of money

    This stuff absolutely rocks. Part of me thought that this might be hype/ another waste of money, but boy was I'm wrong. I'm only in college but have had my share of diet coke/coffee/wine and it has taken its toll on my teeth. They were never really yellow per se but There were definitely stains between my teeth and they were not as white as they would have been. I had tried crest whitestrips a thousand times, baking soda, peroxide, oil pulling, but this is the only stuff that has made a MAJOR difference in my teeth color. I finally feel like I have some shiny pearly whites. Buy buy buy!