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  • Allison - Does NOT fit every table, not even close!

    I read a lot of reviews and watched a bunch of reviews on youtube and found that a lot of people sung the praises of these chairs. I bought two for my boys and what do you know, not one table that I've tried YET (5 tables so far) have these worked on. The little loop is too narrow for any normal table. They now sit at the counter. We are keeping them because they work just fine for that, but it would have been nice if the boys could sit at the table. The little loop part is only about 3", so unless your table has no lip at all, these probably are only good for sturdy counters/bars.

  • Suni Jones - Didn't Work For Me

    I'm really bummed that I paid so much money for this product and not only did it do nothing for my hair, it flaked up on me as well. It does smell good and if I rewet my hair, the smell and gooeyness come back which lets me know the product is still there, but every time I use it, my hair kinks up tightly and then once it dries it flakes. I have yet to find one product that makes having my hair natural easy to manage. I hate that I paid 33.00(that's for product and shipping) only to have something that sits under my sink and mocks me.

  • Litten - is easy to set up and casts a bright light in ...

    We bought this for our child who has a habit of coming into our room late at night. It works well, is easy to set up and casts a bright light in his room. Sometimes I feel it's too bright because it makes part of the room a bright red at night. If they toned it down a bit it would be a much more useful item.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    Finally, an inside -out umbrella that doesn't get water everywhere! Sturdy and very easy to open/close. Comes with a handy carrier, too. This is the nicest umbrella i have ever owned.

  • Tonya - Works Wonders

    I used this after suffering from chronic infections. I would take antibiotics for a bacterial infection but would eventually have another infection. It felt like a never ending circle between fungal and bacterial infections. This helped tremendously. It also is a great great remedy for a sore and inflamed throat. I've had tonsillitis 3x this year. I developed inflammation again recently and opted to try this. NSAIDs did not help a lot. I took this and within an hour my throat was no longer swollen. I spent 3 days before taking this having difficulty swallowing. It was stunning how much it helped and I didn't want anymore antibiotics, s now I do not have to.. I would recommend this for things such as the common cold, URI, and all things -itis as it helps with inflammation. It also helps enhance the effects of other herbal remedies. (E.g. Combined with echinacea) choose goldenseal ROOT over other products that may be made from the leaf.