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  • Pam Louis - Spectacular

    Dr. Thaddeus Green was once human he survived a werepanther attack making him immortal and changing his body but the change killed his wife before she could give birth to his child so he has spent the last 60 years along, he works in the immortal ops team.

  • Hey and Erk - I bought a bottle of this at MGM Grand Detroit ...

    I bought a bottle of this at MGM Grand Detroit at the spa there. It last a long time from May till just recently. However this stuff I received from Amazon seems watered down compared to the little amount I had left in the other bottle. Also it didn't seem to lather up as well. Smelled about the same. Still cleans your face but there seems to be a difference unless they changed the formula...


    I bought this detangling attacement to go with their Handleless hairdryer ! OMG it works so well to straighten my curly tangley fine hair that i dont even have to use a flatiron to straighten unless I miss the very back curly underneath hair !..I was very suprized it did this..This piece is universal so you can use with your current hair dryer, I purchased the handleless one because I have R.A. an the weight of a regular dryer was getting to much for me to hold...I know my hair actually drys faster then it did before, I believe it's because of the extra side vents on both sides above the comb part...I f I had a con, it would be that you kinda have 2 hold it on the end 2 keep it from falling off of even their brand of dryer it fits on tends to be a little lose, but in the month iv'e had it It has only fell off a couple of times..Not enough for it to be a real bother, I think they need to make it so its a tad tighter in the ribbing inside so it stays on a little snugger...

  • tired of crap - Great bike for long distance rides!

    Bought this bike because I enjoy long distance bike rides.(60- 100 miles) My daughter outgrew her trailer and I didn't want to put her on a regular style bike seat. This seat allows her to take a nap, play on the iPod, my phone or enjoy the ride and peddle with me. The child does not have to peddle if he/she doesn't want to, their feet are strapped in. It has a cup holder, a small pocket on the opposite side of the cup holder, larger pocket on the back, and two small saddle style bags by the wheel. The chain is in a tube to protect little body parts and from clothing getting caught in it. Good quality!! Its obvious, whoever designed this is a cyclist with a kid.

  • Amazon Customer - Very disappointed. Product is not long enough and looks awkward ...

    Very disappointed. Product is not long enough and looks awkward at the length it is. It also looks nothing like the picture and is poorly made