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  • Gigi Fran - Great College Info

    Although my daughter is only a freshman, great to have laying around for them to ponder their future. My husband and I pick it up on occasion and read aloud some interesting info on a college we choose and though we are reading / communicating to each other, my daughter a few days later asks “what college was that you guys were talking about that has such and such” . So she is listening and picking it up to reread something she heard us say. So though we prompt the use she follows suit.

  • Murphgirl - Good one for your stack.

    Alpha GPC has been of more interest lately do to it's use by athletes and those interested in Nootropics. It is a choline source that most Americans are deficient in (Wiki/choline) and can be found in liver, eggs peanuts and some vegetables. I find that while I have good intentions, when