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  • M. Rufe - Better than expected

    I knew this was going to be a great bag from all the reviews. This has exceeded my expectations by far.

  • JimBob - hands down the worst software company in America

    I just bought qb2013 for mac. I hope other people love it. I don't. I'm having problems with it and there is absolutely no mac help, even though I just bought it yesterday. I'm sorry I'm not going to pay an additional $90 just to find out what bug they haven't solved. Some of the comments I've seen where people (apparently on Windows there is some tech support) have to spend hours to get some simple programming problem run down make me glad that at least I have another option. I'm going back to QB 2009, which although clunky, at least works more or less satisfactory. It's really too bad these bozos got control of the market and undercut all the better options that could have been available. Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.


    Oh, "before" you go! I didn't read the Poo-Pourri directions. As I was spraying it, afterwards, around my toilet, as my wife walked by, oops. I thought it was an aerosol like Febreze. She yelled, "What are you doing!" I should point out that she recently stripped and waxed my bathroom floor - no metaphor intended here - honest. Oily droplets were falling to the floor, making a mess. Well, I cleaned it up, grabbed my glasses, and read the directions.

  • A. Thompson - The World Ends and We Find Safety

    I watched this video many times; I live the players, all of them and the scenery and their travels...It was exciting to see this version of the end of the world: this country, other countries and all these people embarking on an unknown journey to safety. This was a great movie.

  • Natalie Aspden - Simply the best

    If you are plagued with dry, cracked heels, this is the best heel balm. I have tried them all and none compare. Use twice a day and in a matter of a few days the difference will be remarkable. Continue using twice a day until your heels look normal (yes normal!) and then you can cut back and use every few days or so to maintain your smooth skin. If you stop your heels will return to the ugly, cracked, dry state they were in prior to using the Flexitol.

  • Kathy - Great Off Road Vehicle

    Great off road vehicle! It is the Hard Rock Rubicon Wrangled Unlimited model. Comfortable ride it is not! But it was bought specifically for it's 4 wheel capabilities and our trips to Moab, UT where we enjoy the many off road trails. It handles snow, sand and mud exceptionally well.

  • LaShaundra - Love love how my curls turned out

    I was skeptical in purchasing. I read the reviews, seen on Facebook so I said why not. Love love how my curls turned out. I will definitely recommend.