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  • Kumphawapi - Jewel of Issan – Udon ThaniProvince - Thailand - Translation services Kumphawapi - Jewel of Issan – Udon ThaniProvince - Thailand

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  • Rose - It wont make you loose weight! It will help you balance your diet!

    Love everything about this tea, How the bag was perfectly sealed, how the tea bags are so perfectly designed, the fact that I don't need to add sugar in it, and the taste ? amazing!!!!!! ( a big thank you to the makers of this tea ) '''

  • Amazon Customer - Hercules! Hercules!

    I have seen several versions of the Hercules over the years, including one that came out earlier to theaters in 2014 or 2015, which I thought was horrid. I've been a fan of Dwayne Johnson for quite a while and I thought the performance he gave was very good. The effects were good and the fight and battle scenes were well played. The plot was a bit different look at the character that I found intriguing. All in all, a good movie - didn't even need a ton of popcorn...

  • Judy K Bellevue - Good to go

    Exactly as advertised. Light enough to handle easily, while getting the job done. A good value for the different tasks it will execute.

  • M. Hewitt - Great purchase from Amazon

    I don't think you can find these in stores for this price, so getting them from Amazon is a great deal! I like to keep these on hand in case a urinary tract infection pops up. These do an amazing job of relieving the pain and discomfort of UTIs.

  • Chrisann Gillen - All I can say is amazing. Purchased this item yesterday afternoon and the purchased ...

    All I can say is amazing. Purchased this item yesterday afternoon and the purchased has already arrived in my mailbox.

  • marianna chopin - Dishonest Scam Rude Will NOT give a refund

    I ordered this product, but after talking to a Doctor about the ramifications of soy products, decided to not take it. When UPS showed up at the door, I sent the product back with UPS. For 5 months, Body by Vi has been debiting my account and will not stop. I have spent hours on the phone with these people, who will argue and argue, and then hang up on me. Buyer Beware - this company will not give any other numbers, nor disclose where they are located. When you call them, wait times to speak with anyone who will eventually hang up on you, is often more than an hour. I believe most of the posts on FB are by the company itself, because a google search will reveal the scam and all the people that have been taken by an irreputable company!

  • Ozzyrules2 - The Last Piece to my Puzzle

    So I tracked my package before I left for work today and realized that it would be delivered around 1pm. Around noon I told my manager my dad fell off a ladder and that I had to leave work to take him to the hospital. Pulling out of Taco HELL all I could think of was 3 Woof Moon shirt and where to make the public debut, and that 3WM would give me the guts to ask Tonya the deep fry girl to a drive-in movie tomorrow. I got home and the package was THERE! I tore open the envelope and - oh yea - HELL YEAH - 3 wolves, black t-shirt, one moon. I knew right away...My band's gota gig at Community Day this weekend, and most dudes in the other bands show off their Warrant, Ratt, Firehouse concert t shirts.. Compared to 3Wolf Moon they'll look like total jagoffs - sup now loosers???LOL. I've been to Space Mountain before and had sex in a public bathroom one time, but I can really say 3WM is the greatest thing I ever payed money for. I put it on and went to the big mirror and tried some different poses, with guitar, bandanna, different pants, no pants, junk between the legs...It din matter - My town seem too small for me anymore. Things are different now.