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  • darlene s. medina - Amazon

    I love the vitamin c serum. Absorbs very quickly my skin feels more hydrated and soft. Will buy again, bought others to compare. Works just as well for a better price.

  • Chris F - I'm having fun with it.

    I'm a seasoned amateur guitar player and I'm enjoying this game. I've actually learned some songs I have never played before. I only gave it 4 stars because I still hear a slight delay between the time I pluck my guitar strings to when I hear sound coming out, even with a Toslink connection to my receiver. However it's playable and I'm having fun with it.

  • Haleraiser86 - ood set of shears

    These are some sharp little shears!!! I like the two different sizes. They were able to cut and clip the brush and bushes I needed them for nicely. Not sure how long they will stay sharp, and how easy they will be to sharpen, but I will tell ya about that when I get to that. For now I am really happy with them.