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    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 10.1333 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Elle - Step By Step 4/20 Review and Instructions!!!

    I looked at the reviews on Amazon before I used the product and took most of the directions from "Nadia"s" review. Thanks Nadia!!! I then took the time to document the instructions and every step I took in an attempt to be as transparent as possible with the reader and so you guys know that this review is REAL. For anyone who says this drink did not work, I can not imagine what they did wrong. The steps were EASY. It's just drinking juice and water for goodness sake. I gave it 5 stars because 1. it worked! and 2. It didn't even taste as bad as all the whiners made it seem, (I drank the tropical) but I will admit the more I drank the nastier it got. I was happy to be through with the bottle when I'd finished it, but in retrospect I would do it again without hesitation... hands down. Nasty juice or unemployment? Your choice. Now, please be advised the info below could be considered TMI (too much information) if you are sensitive, but I documented it all so you could see just how quickly it began to eliminate waste and toxins from my body and how well it worked!

  • Amazon Customer - Awful

    I am so disgusted by this season opener. The episode was unnecessarily violent and not worth purchasing. I want a refund for the season pass I purchased as I no longer have interest in the show.

  • Eldub - Good Job!

    This book is a superior reference source. I bought it for my daughter and found myself using it more than she did. I also found another book recommended in another review of this book. Although, it too may be very good. They don't ship the book or return your money. So it is my opinion the gold standard is still the MSAR.

  • Pete - 4 out of 5

    Not the best tasting product health product that I've ever tried but certainly not the worst. As other's have said, the sweetness makes it more tolerable. One major benefit that I've noticed (even since my first glass two weeks ago) has been the loss of that groggy feeling between noon and 3pm. I no longer feel like I want to take a nap after lunch. Other than that, I can't report any noticeable benefits. I had some blood work done about two weeks before starting this product and I'd be curious to see if this drink has had any measurable beneficial affects on my cholesterol etc..... I give it 4 stars for the immediate improvement and (so far) sustained improvement in my mental alertness for those after lunch hours.