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Pickens Animal Hospital - Veterinarian In Pickens, SC - Home - We offer a complete range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, routine, major, and emergency medical, surgical, and dental services. We also have hospitalization, critical care, grooming and boarding.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great Value

    I am really surprised at how well the vacuum works for the price! I was a little skeptical because of some of the reviews. I find that if you use a good skimmer net if you have a lot of leaves and then the vacuum, you can have a really clean pool. I first used the vacuum because I had a layer of dead algae covering the bottom of my above-ground pool. I found that the algae was not being filtered out properly by the standard cartridge filter, so I sent the vacuumed water to the drain. It worked great. After I got the pool set up again, I had some fine debris on the bottom and the vacuum worked great as designed. I have not used the skimmer that came with this kit because the mesh looks too large to catch anything but leaves.

  • Heidi Reynolds - not worth it...

    couldn't figure out why I wasn't feeling well till I figured out this was the only thing in my diet that has changed. My head is fuzzy and my stomach is always upset. Not worth taking this. I hope it doesn't take long to fell better again.

  • Rooster - Stubby great for satellite radio reception

    Antenna comes with a couple of threaded adapters. Choose the size you want and screw it into Stubby and then using that threaded protrusion, screw it into antenna hole of Mini antenna base. Texture of the Stubby matches the Mini perfectly. I've had no reception problems with satellite radio reception, but AM (for local traffic and news) can be spotty. For me, it's certainly not a significant issue and not a reason enough to warrant severe criticism.

  • AbandonedBrain - Don't be afraid of the TV hype; it's mostly true...

    I'm sold. My daughter's been BEGGING for a blender for about a year, since seeing her friends using a Vitamix every time she visits. Smoothies are now an addiction for her, and I'm OK with that. How else am I going to shove strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, spinach, yogurt and apple juice into her belly all in one day?

  • James Denlinger - good fit with just in time delivery

    They fit well and had all the hardware. I needed to U tube instructions. Delivery was just in time.

  • Brooke - Mmm....

    I haven't made any of the recipes yet, but I have read through them and am looking forward to trying some out. Being American, I didn't know about a lot of these dishes, and admittedly some of them don't sound as tasty as I imagined when reading the books, but I'm willing to try them (I just hope I can make it right). She includes little tidbits of information about different recipes, like where each derived and everything, it's really cool. There's a few recipes I imagined to be something different, like Cauldron Cakes, I always imagined it to be something like chocolate lava cake or something, but her interpretation is pancakes, which is probably more accurate. It would be awesome if we could get J.K. Rowling's opinion on the book! Anyhow, looking forward to tasting some of the foods from my favorite books! Bring the magic to life!