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  • Iris - Half of what it used to be!

    I was alarmed to discover that the calendar was only printed on one side. I thought i had been gypped by a knock-off imitation. Over the past several years I have really enjoyed the extra feature on the back of each cartoon. I checked the reviews and saw that other people were commenting about this, so I realised then that they have just done away with it this year -- cutbacks, I suppose. I love the cartoons (well, not all of them), but I really miss the "bonus" -- please bring it back!! I would seriously consider trying another calendar next year if this extra material is not restored, as for me the value of it has plummeted.

  • Heather Mourer - We love our Furbo

    We love our Furbo! My chihuahuas were afraid of the sound of the treat-tossing mechanism at first, but I familiarized them with it, by sitting in the room with them, while tossing the treats so they knew it was safe and they were OK. It only took two days for them to change their minds and now I often check in throughout the day, to find them sitting at the end of the couch, staring directly into the Furbo's camera to see if it will toss a treat.

  • Mohan Kapoor - Great stuff

    Got it to solve the cockroach problem at home in India. Worked like a charm.......they disappeared literally overnight. Do not need to use this a lot, but sparingly and is very effective. It has now been a month, and they have not reappeared. Highly recommend it.

  • Dennis L. Miller - Septic system helper

    I have been using Rid-x for about 7 years in my septic system here in Yuma AZ. This stuff works very well to help with dissolving solids. I treat the septic system every month (simply flush down toilet). So far I have never had a problem with the septic system. I had purchased this product from Sam's club for years, but, at least our local Sam's, no longer carries this. I checked on Amazon, and with my prime membership the Rid-x is actually a bit cheaper through Amazon than from Sam's. I like this product a lot.

  • Manhattan Project - No more paint covered cramped finger

    Why didn't I get one of these sooner? Whenever I'd use a rattle can for a decent length of time, I would inevitably have my finger cramp up which would lead to paint getting on my finger due to poor finger-to-spray nozzle contact, causing paint to dribble down the can and of course give less than ideal coverage. No more! I just used this with some Eastwood Chassis Black primer and paint and was really happy with the results. The Can-Gun fit snugly on the can and made painting at different angles a breeze! Paint coverage was really consistent as squeezing with four of your fingers instead of pushing down with only one makes it so much easier and keeps your hand from tiring out. Plus it's cheap, price-wise, though construction quality seems pretty good, but only time will tell. Honestly, if this thing broke tomorrow, I'd just buy another it's that useful!

  • Amazon Customer - I am satisfied generally speaking with how the supplements control my hankerings ...

    The main day, I just took 1 pill before 2 distinct suppers to check whether I would encounter some anxiety or whatever other clever reactions. What's more, I am upbeat to say I didn't see anything. It positively didn't influence my rest. I noticed when supper arrived, I wasn't eager however I ate at any rate and was just ready to eat a large portion of my feast. I additionally saw no nibbling amid the day.