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Run Program: #FISH - Currently attending CMU for teaching art & earth science. Quickly becoming shameless fishblr.

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  • sarah jackson - Lots of energy!

    I haven't had any weight loss ( I love to eat) but I have more energy! I stopped taking the pills for a month and was extremely tired! My husband takes the men's and loves them . He commutes to work and was always complaining of being tired on the drive home for years! I haven't heard this since he started taking these!

  • L. Mahoney - Heart palpitations every time I use it!!! ...

    Heart palpitations every time I use it!!!! Back to vinegar. I question how safe it really is if this happens to me every time. :(

  • Hope Evans - they are happy to sell you knives

    Cutco is an absolute joke. They will sell you their knives and promise to sharpen and service the knives for free. However, when you actually try to obtain this service, you will find yourself on an endless trail of phone calls trying to track down someone who will come service your knives. Simply put, they are happy to sell you knives, but you will never be able to get anyone to service them despite their "free sharpening guarantee." This company is a scam.

  • sharkdog - So far so good

    I only started taking this product yesterday so I cannot comment about results yet. But I really appreciate the apparently thoughtful combination of ingredients in this formula for liver support. Also a key factor for me in choosing this over many other products was because it didn't include fillers and "manufacturing ingredients" that many other companies typically use - like magnesium stearate, silica, stearic acid...etc. I'm no expert on the stuff but I appreciate a pursuit of pure ingredients and minimization of questionable additives.

  • tati1435 - Love it!!!

    Awesome hair product! The seller Aveyou was great... Ships fast problem was USPS was horrible and delayed the delivery. Even came in a nice tote bag! I don't necessarily have to twist my hair... It says it can also be used for wash and go styles as well. I have 3a/3b curly frizzy hair... Highly recommend

  • Laura E. - Pricey, but awesome results!

    Me and my son have not only done this transformation cleanse, but we have done it twice because it worked so well. The Power Shake surprisingly tastes very good, which is saying something coming from someone like me that doesn't like 90% of any "healthy alternative" I've tried. So that is a great advantage. Just make sure to keep shaking them as the powder does settle quickly. I really had very few times I felt hungry as the amount of water coupled with a few flex foods kept me full most of the time. Evenings were sometimes difficult but I just reserved a food for then. I was extremely skeptical about the Purium products because when something promises to do so much it usually does not work, at least for me. However as I said both me and my son have completed the 10 day cleanse twice and combined we lost about 40 pounds and 7 inches off our waists, so even though the cost was a big bridge for me to overcome I cannot argue with the results, nor do I regret any of it. Plus it is a full system detoxification so that is good knowing that all the bad things in our food gets cleaned out. I don't have cravings for sugar in particular since doing this and can truly say I've had more energy and feel better overall. Yes people could argue that of course you would lose weight if you live on practically nothing but liquid for 10 days and water is cheaper. While true, this gives you so much nutrition throughout and as long as you don't flip a 180 after day 10 and go back to everything full of fat, you dont gain back all the weight as soon as you end and some people will even continue to lose. This is the perfect way to springboard to a better life! It really is a great product for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and even if you choose not to do the full 10 day transformation I still highly recommend the Power Shake as a great organic meal replacement. Me and my son since completing the second time continue taking one every morning. I also have a $50 coupon referral code if anyone is interested as well & don't be afraid to contact me with any questions. My code is JediTy. Make Healthy Cool!!