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  • carol - shampoo

    I like it myself it has pleasant fragrance cleans my hair good I am going to buy its conditioner too right now I am using the conditioner kiss my face which is great but I like the fragrance of this shampoo

  • Adam Wilson - Great Recovery!

    This stuff is great. Good ratio of BCAA's and the addition of Betaine and Taurine is perfect. Definitely have seen better recovery after a heavy volume workout. Energy levels are up, less soreness faster recovery and ready for more. And it mixes well and tastes good too. I would recommend this to anyone looking for good post workout recovery.

  • smokey - Horrible on shipping and items broken. Appears cheap

    I read many reviews that these were fake , but I thought since they were on sale I'd go ahead and order a few because though they were said to not be TRUE Yeti;reviews said they did keep drinks cold. I wanted some to take on our riding trips. However I have yet to get half my order and what I did get is Broken. I am Considering trying to return if it can be done.

  • Sylvia A. Aronson - Yogi Tea, Calm Bedtime

    As an individual who has difficulty falling asleep, I have tried a number of natural products to make it easier to fall asleep. A friend recommended Yogi Bedtime Tea and I have found that it works well for me. I also found that it is wise for me to get in bed and drink it there, it works that well for me.

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    Since using this product I have noticed an improvement in my overall oral health. Combined with regular brushing, flossing, water pik use and regular dentist appointments this product can deliver excellent results and significant reduction in breath odor.

  • Blizzo Blaggensworth - Outstanding light, as well as customer service!

    I bought the 2014 version of this light about a year and a half ago under my wife's account (she has Prime, which is why I don't get the fancy "Verified Purchase" tag.) I've been meaning to write a review on this excellent light, but now even more so because I'm also a big fan of great customer service, which I just now experienced with Thrunite.