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  • Callista Tieu - I absolutely love this set

    I absolutely love this set. I love how there are so many options and they last so long too. The sweet orange and peppermint might be my favorite combination. However, they're all wonderful.

  • LoriL - I thought my hair had changed with my increasing age

    I used this shampoo in high school and through my early 20's. I always had bouncy, light, shiny, easily styled hair that smelled great. For whatever reason, around the age of 25, I thought I needed a change and moved on to other brands. While I could keep a shine in my hair, or bouncy and light, I couldn't do shiny, bouncy healthy looking hair all at once. As the years went by, my hair just became a little more dull, a little more listless, a little more unmanageable. Always managed to keep the smelled great aspect as that's always been something important to me.

  • Moopsie - It's OK

    I bought the Ilight through Remington's Groupon promo last December. I have had professional laser hair removal on both my underarms and bikini area, so I can give an honest comparison here. I bought the Ilight to do my legs because I didn't want to shell out big bucks at a professional laser place for a "large" area. I have a tattoo on my leg which I have had to avoid through the process because of the dark pigmentation (I accidentally got too close with the laser once and blistered myself. Ouch.) soI have a "test patch" for comparison as well. I've done my legs 4x, plus a couple of treatments to try to maintain the pro hair loss on my underarms and bikini and I've purchased 2 bulbs in addition to the one that came with the unit. So I've burned through 2 and am working on the 3rd.

  • Shambo - Giving yourself a real chance.

    There is finally a book with the entire process documented and a real life scenario analyzed. This book takes all of the information learned throughout this Officer Candidate's selection process and puts it into a clear concise dialogue that will no doubt help others to become fighter pilots. Give yourself a chance at glory, and stop the guessing! This book will take you from when the idea first enters your mind to the day you're walking into Officer Candidate School.

  • Carol - Installation not as easy as described.

    Inserting the armrest wasn't as easy as appeared from your description. More detail should have been given

  • MTB fan - With a great deal of effort

    Although I didn't buy it here, I have one. It fails to work well for the problems others have listed and for some other reasons:

  • 50 Shades of Bic - Good Read, but you will want another one in an hour.

    Not as insighful as the 2009-2014 Outlook for PLASTIC Toilet Seats in Greater China. I would recommend waiting for the 2015-2021 version.