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  • T.M. Reader - Top shelf

    I had originally rated this as a 4 star package after using it for a few days. I felt that it didn't deliver on the "glossing" promise. But . . . after a week of use I changed my mind. Soft clean hair with an observable shine. Holds its style throughout the day.

  • Pat Pugh - Just say goodbye to your hair, this won't help.

    After a bad breakup with the love of my life, it seemed stress and anxiety overtook much of my inner being, and with that came the thinning of hair all over my head, which in turn only made me more stressed, and more anxiety ridden. So I looked for help in this matter and refused to try rogaine. I don't have balding in my family, but it seemed it became a part of my anyway. Ain't love grand? And while this product was good, nicely natural, didn't overly dry out my scalp, it didn't do anything for hair loss. So if you want something to replace your REGULAR shampoo and conditioner, this product line will not disappoint. But don't expect it to help with anything that it is claiming on the label. I tried a dandruff option as well, and that also did nothing save for smell nice and not have any negative affects.

  • drednot - Better than nothing.

    This softens up the adhesive but it still wants to stick. lots of elbow grease and product later I was able to clean one doors vinyl molding off of my Pick-up.

  • 44fanatic - Vast Improvement Over Factory at a Greatly Reduced Cost!

    I purchased a new fridge a few months ago and almost immediately noticed that the water flow was extremely slow. Our water quality is quite good and filtration is not a big factor for me. Most recently, the ice cubes were coming out without completely forming and the ice maker could not produce enough ice to fill itself. Unfortunately, the icemaker and water dispenser will not function without a filter in place or I might have just removed the original.

  • YoungQ - Did not work on my hubby.

    purchased this for my husband, he used it for 4 months and his hair is becoming less and less. It might work on some people but sadly it does not work for my husband. He decided to shave his head instead of hoping it will make a comeback! I think it might not work on him because he started out late, this might work better for people who just stated notice their hair is thinning.....

  • sage collins - Nice heavy quality and good fit around fender

    Nice heavy quality and good fit around fender. Removed four screws form front fender. 4 predrilled holes in flaps. Should have been a piece of cake except all holes in flap didn't line up with fender holes. Maybe my truck. Simple matter to drill new hole in flap but knew that if I did I couldn't return them. Drilled hole and I like them. Rears fit the two existing holes but top of mat held by double sided tape. Tape is not the answer. Recommended drilling new hole in fender and install with screw provided. Leased truck so didn't drill hole. Seems sturdy enough with two screws. They look good installed.