Knee Pain, Pain Management - Regen Medical Powell & Columbus Ohio - Non-surgical options to treat your hip, knee, shoulder and back pain with effective Regenerative treatments that get you back to being you!

  • Back Pain - Regen Medical Ohio - Back Pain Treatment in Powell and Columbus, OH.That's right, TREATMENT, not just management. Nonsurgical treatment that will get you back to being you.
  • Shoulder Pain - Regen Medical Ohio - Shoulder pain evaluation and treatment including Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasms injections
  • Knee Pain - Are you looking for non-surgical options to knee pain? Are you looking to avoid a knee replacement? Then you've found the right place.
  • Neck Pain - Regen Medical Ohio - Neck pain Treatment in Powell and Columbus, OH. We TREAT and don't just manage neck pain in a nonsurgical manner even if you've been told you need surgery.
  • Hip Pain - Regen Medical Ohio - Get that hip pain treated, not just managed with Regenerative treatments such as Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma injections.
  • Sports Medicine in Powell & Columbus Ohio - Regen Medical - Treatment of Sports injuries both new and old with cutting edge treatment methods.
  • Headaches - Regen Medical Ohio - Headaches - Diagnosis and Treatment, not just management that will get you back to being you.
  • Non Surgical Treatments - Regen Medical - We focus on non surgical treatments of many acute and chronic pains such as knee, shoulder and back pains. Don't just manage your pain, TREAT it.

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  • Glenn Strickland - Terrible. I would not recommend this product

    No instructions and had no idea how to hook it up or use it. Terrible. I would not recommend this product.

  • Hoskins Family - The fit is amazing. I went to a store to get my ...

    After road cycling for 10+ years using some Specialized mountain bike shoes**, I finally bit the bullet and bought some real road shoes. I wanted a carbon soled, road shoe. This is a carbon composite, but does the trick! Of course, I came from a bendy mountain bike shoe.

  • Amazon Customer - No problems for me

    Like many others I've been using Quicken since the DOS days but after all the negative reviews for the 2013 version I was reluctant to update. I usually upgrade every few years and finally decided to take the plunge for 2014 from 2011. I had no problems at all and I also installed the iPhone and iPad apps without issue. I may not do some of the advanced things others do but for me it was easy. I only gave it 4 stars because although easy, there isn't much new that's important to me over 2011 but I like being current.

  • L. Kline - Good Product, Horrendous customer service

    I ordered the thirty day supply from the company website to try the product. I love the cleanser! If I was just rating the product it would be five stars easy. The tone of my skin improved, pores are smaller and it looks firmer. I was very happy with the cleanser. The other products didn't wow me. I don't have dry skin and hardly ever use a moisturizer anyway so the other products just don't interest me.

  • Ray M. Boucher - Great Adjustable Hole Saw!!!

    I've used many different hole saws in the past, including some adjustable ones similar to this one (some of them did not adjust well and the treads usually came loose so did not keep the size of the hole consistent). I found this one to work extremely well, easy to adjust, held the adjustment solidly, and cut quickly. Used for cutting holes in sheet rock and plywood with ease (including 3/4" birch plywood which is pretty tough). Dust is also kept to a minimum with the shield, a big plus! All of it comes in a nice carry case.