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  • Grace - Love

    I love this product. Smells so great and it actually works! My hair is growing so quickly and has a great shine

  • Islandflea - First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers ...

    First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers. I have used PCmatic with SuperShield for years on home and business pc's with very few issues. Once in a while it will miss something but since I use multiple programs working in unison AND maintain a consistent backup habit, has been resolvable every time. Bear in mind that NO program is invincible standalone. Considering buying Evergreen. Thanks PCmatic!

  • mrsjmac - History of problems

    I just returned home with yet another computer that went belly up due to a Norton antivirus program. This is the third computer I've had to uninstall Norton. The computer repair person who repaired this computer advised me to never use Norton, it is full of bugs and problems, and that was the first thing he eliminated. I uninstalled it on a computer before, and the problems ended. The second one was uninstalled by a computer repair person, who advised me of the same problems with Norton, and apparently Norton will affect many other programs on your computer. It seems to act like a virus instead of preventing a virus. It has great abilities to destroy a computer in a number of ways. Anyway, according to the computer person, if you have Microsoft, it provides its own antivirus abilities that works better than purchasing a program. It's called Microsoft Essentials. It's maintenance free and provides the security you need without these costly and highly ineffective virus programs that have the ability to reak havoc on a computer. This last go-around every program had to be eliminated on my computer, and so I have a shell that I now have to recreate and load all programs again. It was a MESS! Just a heads-up. I'm sure there are a few folks out there who have had pretty good success with Norton, but if you start to experience problems, unable to bring up programs, unbelievably slow responses and programs you cannot pull up anymore no matter what you do, it could possibly be Norton and you might try uninstalling that first. You would think I would have learned a lesson the first time. But the HP computers I bought in 2010 already came loaded with Norton for two years. An uninstall on that would have saved me a lot of problems and money.

  • JackS - Slower than usual for Kaspersky and little tech support.

    First off, this 5 star rating from AV is for the 2013 version, not this one. And CNET has no rating on this version as yet. You think all versions are the same? Go to Youtube and put in "Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 review" in the search bar and watch the first video by PC Security Channel.

  • T Marushia - Awesome Study Guide

    HESI A2 Study Guide: Prep Book & Practice Test Questions for the HESI Admission Assessment Exam is a really great study guide. I gave this book a try because i was worried i wasn't going to pass my HESI exam. I have tried several other different types of study guide books but none of them seemed to really help. Most of the other study guides were all over the place and you couldn't really keep track of what you were reading. This study guide is definitely the best i have came across. This book is very clear and easy to understand and it also goes over all the subjects that you will need to study for. The subjects that it will discuss is Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and general knowledge, Grammar, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology. It is a really great study guide it goes over each of the subjects very thoroughly. It also has practice tests you can take that will really help you prepare for the real exam. This book will make it very easy for you to understand it written very well. I would highly recommend this Study Guide to anyone who is wanting to pass their HESI exam with ease. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Bossy Boots - Save your money AVOID the 2.0!!!

    I have owned two previous Keurigs and was very happy with them. Granted the cup of coffee you get is expensive but it is convenient especially if you are making just one cup. I gave my old (but wonderful!) Keurig to a friend since my husband had seen the carafe option of the 2.0 and wanted to upgrade. Normally I read reviews before purchasing but I had already owned two of the machines so it never occurred to me to read a review...I mean the machine only makes coffee, what could go wrong? I bought one at a big box store and had been using it about a week...long enough to have gotten rid of the box when I happen to put in a pod that had not come with the new machine and discovered Keurig is trying to kill off all competition by making the 2.0 unable to brew Kcups from non Keurig brands but it also cannot brew old Keurig kcups. If you purchase by the case as I do, you can be out the price of a new Keurig in kcups you cannot use. To add insult to injury, you cannot even use the Keurig brand re-usable kcups so that if you have a special blend of coffee you like you are out of luck.