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  • GoodLyfe - Great Ice Breaker

    I took a chance and purchased this book for my son. I wanted something that would put his mind at ease and embrace the idea of taking the ACT exam in a couple of years. To overcome his procrastination, I agreed to read the initial chapters with him. Much to my surprise, he just took off reading on his own after the second chapter. I could hear him chuckle in the next room or shout, "So that's how you do it! Why didn't my teachers just say so in junior high?" It's a lot easier to talk to him now about prepping for the ACT exam and any other exams (SAT Subject Tests and AP). The humor, teen talk, and tips made studying fun and brought back some confidence in him. I would recommend this book for starters if your child is intimidated by the thickness of the more popular study guides. I also bought the red book as a supplement.

  • Theresa - Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews.

    No index so that you an find info quickly, recommendations of products that contain fillers, etc, major health issues many people suffer from not addressed at all such as estrogen, adrenal and thyroid issues - the author simply bashes bioidentical hormones. The cost of $10 mentioned in the title is very misleading as it's just not true. Including a simple chart to show names, dosages and times to take which supplements would have been such a huge addition - the author is clearly lazy and cares mostly about looking hot for his hot wife! If the supplements mentioned in this book are all we need to be healthy, why does the author sell his own line of different, very expensive supplements? If you're on his email list, you're bombarded daily! Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews. 5 star reviews are fished for and sometime paid for here at Amazon. I was pretty disappointed with this book.

  • Jazzykins90 - Slow at times, but moved faster towards the end

    I do feel in a way this book could've ended 100 pages ago. It was kind of suspenseful...not one of the best that I've read. Certain parts seemed to drag on unnecessarily and I found myself saying throughout the book, just where is the child and give her back so we can move on. But I did like this ending surprisingly...but midway through I did figure out what was going on and it wasn't the obvious so I guess that's a good thing. Overall, not a "must-read" but this can be a definite quick, easy read.