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  • Piddle - Uhhhhhhh? I'm not sure.

    I gave this a 3 because I honestly don't know wether to love it or hate it. It does have an initial good flavor that is a nice change from the dry taco seasonings but then there is this weirdly sweet aftertaste that is hard to get rid of. Maybe using only half a pouch or adding more meat would thin out the flavor a bit. As another reviewer mentioned it tastes more like sloppy joes than tacos. I'm a bit disappointed as the other sauces, specifically the green enchilada sauce is to die for and the rice seasoning sauce was fairly decent. I'm kind of afraid to try the other sauces after tasting this taco one. I had such high hopes. I would tell someone to try it if they got a coupon for it at a local store, but then if you hate it you just lost money on the sauce and the meat.

  • Brigite Bradley - You may want to go one shade darker than you expect to be...

    First of all, let me mention that Sephora (at least the one here) gladly gave each of my friends and I generous free samples of this product that lasted 2 weeks. I was able to sample before I purchased, so I already knew I liked it. If you have access to a Sephora, you may want to try to get a sample before paying $50ish for this. If you love it like I do --- it's well worth it, but I am the only person among several of my friends who likes this at all. I will tell you what I like about it, and what they didn't like about it.

  • journey - Changed my life!

    This book literally changed my life and I wish Id have known about it years ago. I was in an auto accident and was living with unbearable pain. Every doctor and specialist told me I would have to live with it and then would perscribe more drugs. I have never been over weight and never thought sugar was an issue. My chiropractors wife asked if I had ever considered it could be something I was eating. She told me that sugar is the most inflammatory food in the world and recommended this book. After 24 hours of limiting my sugar intake I had relief with some of the stiffness and within 3 days of changing my diet my pain dropped signifigantly! This book shows you how to be on an anti-inflammatory diet and enjoy all of the foods you eat. The recipies taste like a chef prepared them and everyone Ive cooked for using the book wants to buy it, this book is LIFE CHANGING and Ill never come off this diet!

  • Jean Martin - This is great for moisturizing delicate baby skin

    I usually use Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo, which I give 5 stars. This is great for moisturizing delicate baby skin, but not great for hair, which it leaves a little oily/heavy. very thick and moisturizing, no real scent, non-irritating. good product for baby!

  • Scott - The shame of it is that I've become jaded...

    I like this. It does exactly what it says it will do--keep a cold beverage cold for a loooooooooooong time.