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Home | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - Located in the heart of beautiful Lakeside, Montana, Riverbend Integrative Medicine works differently than other medical clinics. We use integrative medicine to treat causes, not just symptoms. At Riverbend Integrative Medicine, we spend the time studying the whole picture, not just how to mask your current symptoms. Carla Brook, NP-C investigates possible causes for your discomfort and develops a non-invasive holistic treatment plan, using both conventional and naturopathic medicine, that will enhance you body's ability to heal itself. At Riverbend Integrative Medicine we develop a unique relationship with each patient, providing them with a treatment plan that compliments their life whether it involves bioidentical hormones, IV therapy, weight management, specialty testing, ozone, lifestyle counseling, or conventional treatments.

  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/specialties.html Specialties | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - Riverbend Integrative Medicine specializes in Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI), MTHFR Gene Mutation, CIRS/Lyme/Biotoxin Disease, Bio-Identical Hormones, IV Therapies, Oxidated Therapy, Specialty Testing, and Family Medicine.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/iv-therapy.html IV Therapy | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - Riverbend Integrative Medicine specializes in IV Therapies including, Vitamin C, Chelation, Myer's Push, Oxidated, and Hyrdogen Peroxide to help supply the body with necessary minerals and nutrients.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/oxidative-therapy.html Oxidative Therapy - Offering a range of Oxidated Therapies, Riverbend Integrative Medicine will get your back on track to feeling like yourself again.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/prolozone.html Prolozone - Riverbend Integrative Medicine, Dr. Lori Wieser, specializes in Prolozone to help heal chronic joint pain.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/ubi-therapy.html UBI Therapy | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - Riverbend Integrative Medicine offers Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI), as a safe and effective medical treatment to boost immune function and provide a wide range of health benefits.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/bio-identical-hormones.html Bio-Identical Hormones - Riverbend Integrative Medicine offers treatment plans for patient's that aren't quite feeling like themselves through bio identical hormone treatment.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/moldlymecirs.html Mold/Lyme/CIRS - Exposure to mold or other toxins can take an extreme toll on your mind, body and spirit. Let Riverbend Integrative Medicine help you find the light at the end of the tunnel of feeling like yourself again.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/gene-mutation.html Gene Mutation | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - At Riverbend Integrative Medicine, we treat MTHFR gene mutations and find the best treatment plan for you.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/family-medicine.html Family Medicine - Beside offering our wide range of specialties, Riverbend Integrative Medicine also offers family integrative medicine.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/specialty-testing.html Specialty Testing - Need your food allergies testing? Feeling like your hormones may be off? Need CIRS tested? Whatever you may need, at Riverbend Integrative Medicine, we offer a large range of specialty testing.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/massage.html Massage - Wendi Phelps, LMT-CRBT of Riverbend Integrative Medicine offers therapeutic massage therapy. Hands of a healer, she offers swedish massage with modalities including, but not limited to, myofascial release, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, cranio-sacral techniques, lymphatic drainage, and restorative breast therapy.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/restorative-breast-therapy.html Restorative Breast Therapy - Wendi Phelps, LMT-CRBT specializes in Restorative Breast Therapy at Riverbend Integrative Medicine. She aims to not only heal women, but offers education and empowerment to all women and their needs through Restorative Breast Therapy.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/policies.html Policies | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - Please take a minute to read over our office policies at Riverbend Integrative Medicine.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/carla-brook%2c-np-c.html Carla Brook, NP-C | Riverbend Integrative Medicine - Carla Brook, NP-C of Riverbend Integrative Medicine aims to give her patients back their quality of life. Specializing in mold/lyme/cirs treatment, bio-identical hormone therapy, chronic allergies, digestive issues, family wellness and weight management.
  • http://riverbendintegrativemedicine.com/wendi-phelps%2c-lmt-crbt.html Wendi Phelps, LMT-CRBT - Wendi Phelps, LMT-CRBT has a philosophy that every aspect of a person (body, mind, and spirit) can benefit from massage therapy. She customizes each session to the needs of her client by integrating various modalities of massage including swedish, restorative breast therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic facilitation, shiatsu, scar tissue, and trigger point therapy.

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  • domesticated14 - Waste of time and money!

    This is no different than any language tape that has ever exsisted. You can learn some words and vocab but if you really want to learn a new language this is not the tool for the job. Fter a couple of times listening to this you will be absolutly board and loose intrest. I have used Rosetta stone before and it actually works, having said that I still think its not worth what they charge for it.

  • ShoeLover - Excellent product

    I like a facial cleanser that teams with water and this one answers the call - teamed with Eminence Moisturizer (my choice Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer) it's a winner.

  • KattRP - HD Clear Vision

    Does not work if you are not within a station transmitter. Not what it claims to their ad. Only was able to get 1 to 2 channels and very poor reception.

  • S. Weller - So far, so good!

    I put the product on about 2 weeks ago, there is still some mold, but it has lessened from what it was. I noticed the other day that our shed roof had moss on it, so I applied some to it, I do see some results with that also, all is not gone, but it's improving. I know that it takes time, I'll be curious as to how it all turns out after our winter.

  • Boomer - I have a great fondness for essential oils

    I have a great fondness for essential oils. I love using essential oils for my DIY projects. I have used essential oils in my diffuser, bath water, to make home cleaning products, skin care and beauty products. I ordered this totally organic set of essential oil for my oldest daughter to use. These oils are made in an FDA approved facility. This well packaged set comes with six therapeutic grade of essential oils - Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Peppermint. The oils are stored in its individual 10ml, dark color, glass bottle with an easy to open cap. My favorite essential oils from this package has to be the sweet orange, lavender and peppermint. The scent of these oils are sweet and pure. These oils contains no additives or fillers. The quality of these oils are fantastic. There are many benefits in using these oils from easing pain to lift spirits. I can find many benefits in each and every bottle of essential oil. This gift set is perfect to give to someone as a present, as stated by my little daughter. I have not and will not receive any monetary compensation for my review on this great looking set of essential oil. This classic set of essential oils from Gardinesca looks exactly as pictured, and works as advertised. I am not influenced by the seller nor other reviewers, all my reviews are reflections of my own personal experience. I would recommend this great gift set to my friends and family members who loves using essential oils as much as I do. I have been given this awesome set of essential oils for evaluation, and this is my honest and unbiased review.