Dobro došli na službenu stranicu UO Romantika - Romantika Možđenec je najbolja lokacija za sve vrste priredaba: svadbe, krštenja, završnice, proslave. Uz to, tu je svakodnevna ponuda gableca.

Country:, Europe, HR

City: 15.5 , Croatia

  • Keenan Holloway - Poor Quality Assurance

    This devices freezes all the time. It's a good thing we got this with the gel padding accessory because my daughter has tossed this thing so many times out of frustration of it freezing. It has the option to watch movies wirelessly and she can usually watch 2 movies around 5 minutes in length before the application just closes and sends her back to the device startup menu. I had a idea that it wouldn't be as tested as an Apple product but had no idea it would freeze/crash this often.

  • Terrie_Terrie - Boss

    The Godfrey brothers came through in this final issue. Ramsey and Maleek showed just how crazy they truly are. The family was tested by many things and so many haters wanted an easy come up but it just wasn't happening. Good read as always Lucinda John!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony - a reasonable camcorder - at a great price

    This is a small, lightweight, reasonably priced digital camcorder. It's suitable for amateur or professional video recording, and performs adequately for making home movies. it's actually a nice piece of equipment - with some good specifications.

  • Wilburn - Vey bright!

    Love the unit. My only discounting factor is the separate button for brightness/flash control does get bumped inadvertently which is only a real issue when you're using the highest brightness setting and suddenly turn it all the way down. Overall quality seems quite good and the unit performs with rechargeable18650B high output cells as well as the 123A's. I'd recommend it heartily.