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  • Who was Rory Peck? | Rory Peck Trust - Rory Peck was one of the most skilful and respected freelance cameramen of his generation.
  • Why freelancers are so important | Rory Peck Trust - Freelancers are some of the bravest and most vulnerable people in the news business. We are the only organisation in the world 100% dedicated to their safety.
  • Why we started Rory Peck Trust | Rory Peck Trust - Juliet Crawley Peck wrote this piece about her late husband and fellow journalist before she died on January 10th, 2007.
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  • Freelance Assistance | Rory Peck Trust - The Freelance Assistance Programme is at the heart of our work, providing direct financial and practical support to freelance newsgatherers and their families globally
  • Assistance Grants | Rory Peck Trust - RPT offers individual grants to freelance newsgatherers and/or their families who find themselves in a critical situation.
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  • Projects | Rory Peck Trust - Increasingly, the Trust is working with local and international partners to set up workshops, projects and training courses that educate and protect freelance newsgatherers.
  • Rory Peck Training Fund | Rory Peck Trust - Now more than ever, journalists are recognising the value and importance of hostile environment training when working in dangerous and potentially hazardous situations.
  • Rory Peck Trust Online Resources For Freelancers | Rory Peck Trust - We've produced a series of resources for freelance journalists on everything from safety and digital security to insurance and professional development.

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  • Nick P - Total Home Coverage Achieved

    We moved into a new place, due to some very unfortunate, and then fortunate circumstances. This new place is big, and so my Netgear AC1450 just wasn't cutting it for the entirety of my house, especially since the main access point for the modem is on the bottom floor on the far side of the house, not centralized like one would hope. I compared the Orbi with it's competitors, and found that the competition doesn't hold a candle to it. A separate channel for communication between the satellite, only one satellite needed instead of 2 or more, etc... I've now had it for over a week and it has been nothing but exceptional. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, as I always have been with Netgear's products.

  • Aaron Socha - excellent value

    clubs were exactly what my wife wanted. Very nice combo set. The Hybred clubs are a definite upgrade from here last set.

  • M. J. Calcagno - A Perfect Fit!

    Absolutely fit like a glove and made of much better construction than the factory stock items. I did have to drill one hole to accomodate one of the screws, but that was quite easy! I totally recommend this product!