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  • Sanitaire installaties - badkamer - keuken renoveren Beersel - Lot - Vlaams-Brabant - GG Sani.Cal. is de oplossing die u zoekt voor al uw sanitaire installaties, renoveren van badkamers en keukens! Contacteer ons nu en ontvang spoedig een offerte!
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  • Onderhoud verwarming Beersel - herstelling verwarming Vlaams-Brabant - lot - GG Voor een snelle en kwalitatieve oplossing voor onderhoud en herstelling van uw verwarming belt u Sani.Cal.

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  • Bryan Stewart - Worst Tax Program for 2012 - if you have kids in college

    First off, I must say I didn't have problems using the software. It is as good as any of the others I have used in the past (TurboTax, TaxAct...). The issue I have is with the mistake I am still living with after filing my taxes 6 weeks ago.

  • V. McKnight - Love this mop

    Okay, I know this is a cheap mop but, I really really like this mop!!! In fact I like it much better than a sponge mop 10x over. The good thing about this mop is how you can really ring it out and for my hardwood floors this is a very good thing. It does a good job. It's not a miracle worker or anything, just a good little mop for average floor cleaning.

  • A customer - I flip vehicles

    Bought a 97 ford ranger pickup to flip..rims shot. Sanded each..sprayed 3 coats .quick setting. Hard to make run which was nice. Finished off with clearcoat. Good stuff

  • c.m.h. - It worked!!

    It took many months to make a difference, but a difference it did make. You only need to use a tiny drop so a bottle lasts almost a year. I never had a product work for my circles before, and my circles are bad. Now they look like any one else"s circles, just small faded dark circles, not the refugee camp circles I used to have. So concealers finally work for me. I am pleased.

  • Fan Outwest - It works with practice

    First off I do not work or have anything to do with the comapany Caboki. This product works beautifly if you have some hair. It takes practice maybe one or two sample bottles worth. I have a large balding area and I knew that trying to cover a large area would be rediculous as I know the fibers need hair to cling to. I don't understand the negative reviews here at all I think they did not practice applying the product or do any research of how to secure it. I have never had any fall off after applying a good hair spray. Here are some tips for the best results.