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  • Matt - A great guitar which may not be for everyone but if ...

    A great guitar which may not be for everyone but if you are looking for a Les Paul that is true to its namesake's spirit of innovation, consider trying one out. While I understand that many people like guitars as they are and find certain features of Gibson's 2015 line distasteful, not everyone does and that is OK. Music is subjective and we all have our own opinions, same thing with the tools we used to create music. My personal opinion is that this guitar is easy to play and has a rich pleasing tone that appeals to my tastes.

  • yaya49 - Retinol cream from Majestic Pure for face and neck.

    Very pleased with the results of this product. The top is pressure operated. So when you remove the clear top and press the cover on top of the retinol a small amount comes out of the top without wasting product. Easy to swipe off with your finger and apply to your face. Then replace the clear top with a snap of the lid. I will purchase this product again.


    One of those books that you cannot figure out who "did it" until the end. Usually, by the middle of a book, I am pretty sure who the villian is. However, not in this book. Carefully woven, and crafted to keep your attention. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who likes "cutting edge" thrillers. READ IT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, I PROMISE. Pat Lilley, Raleigh, NC

  • R.E. - Craig Johnson does his homework

    I seem to always review Craig Johnson's books by saying how much I appreciate his research. Just about everything can be found these days, so I get aggravated by writers who seem to not know what they are writing about when it is an obvious fact to everyone else. I don't claim to be a writer, but I really appreciate a good one. I first started to pay close attention to Johnson's research when I was reading "Steamboat". That had to be very difficult research. "An Obvious Fact" must have taken Johnson out of his comfort zone, so his research had to be carefully done. I have read all of Craig Johnson's books and each one makes me anxious to read the next one. Keep writing Mr. Johnson, it keeps an old man such as I entertained!

  • delores gaines - easier to put together than expected...

    It was recommended that two people put the bike together but I was able to do it alone in a couple of hours while watching TV. I was hoping that it would be sturdy & even though there's a good bit of plastic, the seat, platform base & center stem for the handles are steel. It feels pretty solid so I expect it to last at least a few years. I ordered a regular exercise bike from one of the TV shopping networks several years prior & one of the pedals fell off less than 6 months later because the threads were stripped on arm extending from the bike to the extent that I couldn't even use a replacement pedal. For that reason alone I decided to spend a little more for something more substantial. Tried it out already & the tension settings are easily adjusted so it provides a pretty smooth ride, I needed this following a recent knee replacement & I think Amazon's price at $332,00 w/free S & H was good. Only WalMart had it for less at $326.00 but there seemed to be a lot of complaints at their website about damages during shipping for exercise equipment in general so I opted for Amazon.

  • Kenneth Townsley - Great feel

    I bought this knife 8/20/10, and its great! Came razor sharp. I cut myself on accident by barley taping it on my thumb. I would not recomend as a playing knife or for show because it can do some serious damage. But if your a hunter; Skinning, gutting, whatever you do. hell you could kill a deer with this beauty. Its feels great in hand.

  • Sephorous - A miracle oil that's not oily at all

    This oil is so moisturizing without being oily or greasy. It absorbs into your skin flawlessly and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and glowy. I also use it on my hair to control some frizz. The best part about this oil is that it's light and fragrance free, making it a great oil to use with other oils - I use it with lavender to put on my face and neck. I've already gone through 2 bottles of this, and though it does last forever, I find myself needing at least 3 pumps to cover my face and neck. A good alternative for someone looking for a facial moisturizer that is not chalk full of chemicals. Definitely a win.