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  • Ernest Gilbert - Outstanding!

    I'm fanatic about keeping my Infiniti 2008 35X looking like new. The smallest abrasion bothers me a lot. So, you can imagine my distress level when I sideswiped some downed tree branches leaving a three foot horizontal scratch on the passenger door. Though the scratch didn't expose the metal, it still had texture when I ran my hand over it and I was convinced that a trip to the body shop was in my car's future. I had a set of the Quixx scratch remover that I had purchased to take care of a light abrasion on my front bumper. It worked. Though I had no hope of success, I decided to try the Quixx system on the monster scratch. To my utter surprise (and delight) it was completely eradicated. No one looking at that passenger door could have guessed that it had been violated. This stuff really WORKS!

  • Dennis W. Pagel II - Great for dry hair

    Wife loves this and would recommend this product for others with dry hair. Don't hesitate. It's cheaper than other sites

  • Sharon W - Didn't make me feel sick

    This is probably one of the best prenatal vitamins I've ever tried. They don't make me feel sick like other vitamins I've tried in the past. I love all the ingredients that vitamin has. They are natural and it is everything I need. Another great thing that I love about this is the fact that it helps with lactating as well. Not all vitamins has that and that's definitely something that makes this special.