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  • The Lenster - Was cautiously optimistic after trying so many things prior

    Like with most information you find over the internet, promising this and that, I was very careful not to set myself up for disappointment, again!

  • Melissa SonnoDelDrago - Better Call Saul meets Billions

    Goliath is like a cross between Showtime's "Billions" & AMC's "Better Call Saul", but darker. I really like Goliath. I started the first episode just before bed & now it's 6:30am and I'm on episode #6. Like Billy McBride, *I won't give up*. Totally bingeable series. In general I don't dig Billy Bob Thornton; I always absolutely love William Hurt. But Billy Bob shines in Goliath. And William Hurt is a beautiful monster; amazing as ever. Good job Amazon!

  • INmomof2 - ... lunches as they rarely eat school and they work perfect for that

    bought these for my daughters lunches as they rarely eat school and they work perfect for that. nice to have the variety pack since I have 2 girls who seem to be total opposites and like different stuff. would buy these again.

  • Iyauna Shaniece - It really works

    I purchased this product because I needed to do a fasting and this works wonders for me at least. I noticed the change in my bowels it also helped with some slight weight loss as well have not been on it for long, but your only suppose to take the recommended dosage for only 10 day per month. I have not noticed any major change. just make sure that you are somewhere you can get to the restroom because you will have to go. I will come back and give an update because in two more weeks.

  • Brian C. Smyth - Visual Treat

    Usually I have major problems with disaster movies because the characters and plot get lost in all the action packed special effects. Even most of the acting takes a backseat but with 2012 it's a little different. At times it can be very silly and over the top but to be honest this movie was so intense I didn't pay attention to the faults of this film. I just didn't care. 2012 honestly kept me on the edge of my seat most of the way through and let me tell you the special effects were mind blowing! Absolutely remarkable! It's worth watching just for the visuals alone, seriously. This is the real purpose of CGI. Everything nowadays is too much CGI and it's ruining films in my opinion because it's over-used in films that don't need it. For something like this that goes beyond anyone's imagination is just perfect and done correctly. Critics will find a lot of things wrong with this movie because it's not perfect, nor is any movie but this is just pure entertainment at its best. It's intense, sad, and quite sickening how selfish some people can be when the world has turned into complete chaos. Kick back and enjoy this jaw-dropping visual treat!

  • mark - No two the same

    Placed both together with fresh batteries from the same package. Both had different readings on humidity, both temperature readings were the same and accurate. Reversed batteries from one unit to the other and same result, readings were 6% different (ie 31% vs 37%). Left next to each other over night and same result the next day. Would not bother to purchase unless you bought 10 units and selected the best ones, even that should be verified by another accurate source. A hugh waste of time and energy, Only UPS made out on this purchase.