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  • John A. Anderson - Hidden

    The author couldn't decide whether she was writing a mystery or a romance novel. Whatever merits her mystery may have had were completely lost in a romance subplot that was simply pathetic. It was so poorly written that I skipped whole segments of the book. Thankfully, I paid little for the book but, unfortunately, it was total waste of my time and will be of yours if you buy it.

  • pandr - MaxiLearn Drug Cards

    The whole package SUCKS! The headers on each card are punched through so you do not know the category. The rings on the binder are all bent. Not for nothing, but this was not a cheap product and when you email the company about your issues they never respond and there is an automated customer service phone system. Not a happy customer and would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • D. Bonvissuto - So far so good

    I read about 50 reviews on this product before I added it to my Amazon Wish List and took all the caveats into consideration. Truthfully, I've only had it for a few weeks, but so far it's made a beautiful pot of short ribs and a lovely bowl of pasta and bean soup. Is it unbelievably heavy? Yes. Do you have to baby it a little (low to medium temperatures; not over 375 in the oven)? Sure. Do I care? No. The reason I wanted this pot is because I'm trying to go "green" with my cookware, and cast iron supposedly adds good things (i.e. small amounts of iron) to your cooking, not harmful chemicals and metals. But I don't want to deal with cleaning cast iron, so the enamel-coated Le Creusets are perfect. Next stop: small saute pan.