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  • Jeff B. - Better, Smoother Shaving Cream

    I have often found that the higher quality the shaving cream, the less damage you will do to your face. I have used all different levels of quality amongst shaving creams and ultimately decided that The Art of Shaving's brand is my ideal product to use. First, it comes in a large quantity, so, for someone like me that has to shave very regularly, it will last me a good while before I have to order another can. Second, I also purchased a shaving brush to apply the cream, so it uses less to do more. Hands down, I find that using this product causes less razor burn and leaves my face more smoothe.

  • Shusaku Endo - Fun book but not how those born in the 80s remember it...

    My children enjoyed reading the book (young teenager and under 11). It has nice picture and is more of a coffee table book than a dictionary style book that I remembered. I'm not sure if there is another book out there that is more Webster Thesaurus style with indexed records and paperback size, but would like one if it exists.

  • M. Tapia - Beautiful....

    This Barbie is Beautiful. She made my daughter thrilled when she opened this doll up for her 6th Birthday. I highly recommend this doll as a gift to your little Barbie lover!

  • Joseph Faison III - All you need...

    Short and to the point, this book taught me what little I know about writing. I love the before and after examples.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing ball!

    I love this ball. It is the ball used in the Beijing Olympics.. the ball is PRO. It is harder and a tad smaller than typical balls, you really need to man handle this ball, but once you do.. man.. it is great. setters, hitters and float servers will LOVE this ball!

  • Amazon Customer - Great quality, good instructions

    Great quality, good instructions, arrived 3 days early. Inside front screw holes do not line up with holes on truck...had to drill about 1/4 inch out to secure bottom of mud flaps. They don't tell you that though.

  • Gilbert - Absolutely thrilled

    I'm absolutely thrilled with this purchase for a middle-aged newlywed couple where an "Our First Christmas" ornament didn't seem appropriate. High quality. Beautiful box with blue velvet-like interior. Just the kind of keepsake I was looking for. They were delighted!