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City: 6.1238 Geneva, Switzerland

  • Steven G. - Awesome Product! A must try when you're in a bind.

    Awesome Product!!! I had clutch problems and a rear main (oil) seal that was leaking on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler. After changing the master cylinder and slave for the clutch, I was still having minor clutch issues, due to the possibility the leak at the rear main seal was leaking onto the clutch plate (according to a transmission shop). I did not have the time to change the seal myself nor want to dish out $1000+ and had to drive 1,400 miles within the week. I read reviews about this product and put all my eggs in one basket and purchased AT - 205 from Amazon. I poured a whole bottle into my engine oil and took off on my 1,400 mile trip. The clutch worked flawlessly. No issues at all and no loss of oil. I am ordering another bottle just to have on hand. According to the package, it can be used in engines, transmissions, power steering, differentials and hydraulic systems. Definitely worth a try when you're in a bind.

  • Chad Torkkola - The greatest guitar training tool I have ever encountered.

    For about 2 years in my twenties I played the guitar every day. I learned a few chords and a couple songs. I loved it but as things go, life moved on and I put it down never to pick it back up. Enter RockBand / guitar hero. Playing those games I could sometimes get close to the feeling that I would get from playing guitar back in my twenties. I played a ton of Rockband over the last 5 years and I love that game dearly.