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  • Bob Williams - Jon Ronson brings the pain

    Jon Ronson reconnects with his old pal Alex Jones for an inside look at the nightmare that is the 2016 presidential election. As frightening as it is entertaining.

  • Gearhead - Better than 2007

    What can you say - it is the standard in business. Not sure if I like the way Outlook is formatted now, but works. Access seems to be more SQL compliant, so that's a good thing. Oddly enough, I miss the "Pizza Button" from 2007 and I do like putting everything I want on the "ribbons" - that way I don't have to deal with the deep and complicated menus. Word is very powerful but both Excel and Word are overly complicated in the menu structure as far as I'm concerned. Too bad they can't duplicate the best features of WordPerfect (by far a more user friendly product as far as I am concerned). If Microsoft could only implement a simple and elegant "reveal codes" function it would make life a lot easier. Excel is Excel and it just works. The nice part about this version is I can put it on my laptop too. The very weird thing is Microsoft made no provisions to synchronize the .pst files so your calendar, contacts and emails are the same (unless you're hooked into an exchange server). They've missed the boat on that one and you're stuck with buying a 2nd party vendor's solution for 60 - 100 bucks or copying .pst's around (not a good solution at all).... It is expensive. Is it worth the price? Probably not if I didn't have to use it...but since I do have to use it, I suppose it is.....kinda.