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City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • John - Works incredible.

    I bought this at the local Advanced Auto. By far the best remover I've ever used and will probably never use another type again.

  • TrayRuots - PAINFUL!

    I was "diagnosed" with IBS years ago and Zelnorm was the miracle drug for me but after awhile, I went off of it and never had an episode of IBS until recently, which was just mild. Heard of Align and had a $5 off coupon so thought I'd try it. Biggest mistake EVER! I only took this product for five days and the fifth day I took it was the WORST ever! The second day I was on it, I started to have a the feeling that I was trying to digest a million pieces of broken glass. I had the worst cramping and the bloating was almost unbearable. The last day I was on it, I was up all night with the worst painful cramps ever. I also did vomit. Never experienced anything like this ever. I wish this product worked for me as it has for others, but this product made my symptoms 1000% worse. The day after I stopped taking it, the painful cramping and bloating stopped.

  • fabpez - great case

    it's a great case has held up very well. it will leave lines from the card holders but other than that it was a great buy

  • Lurchie - Great Bag - MUCH better with some mods

    This is a great bag IF you are an average right-handed person and don't mind not having the grab handle.

  • Dan S. - Nice crossbars

    These are good and strong and easy to install but I wish the connection was a little more secure. They won't fall out or anything like that but they do move around a little in the slot. It hasn't caused any problems but did cause me to drop them from 5 stars to 4.