TGGSmart - The Goldstein Group - TGGSmart - The Goldstein Group is a brand identity and design firm that incorporates strategic and analytical technique to achieve bottom line results. Led by industry veteran Terri Goldstein, TGG is comprised of a high-caliber group of strategic planners, graphic and industrial designers, copywriters, researchers, and Intellectual Property experts. TGG team members are guided by the firm’s groundbreaking principle, Shelf Sight Sequence™ to deliver on its promise of Intelligence Made Visual™. Package Design packaging RX/OTC switch RX OTC Brand Strategy Branding US Market Entry Consumer Research Hills Bros. Allegra Ronzoni Carmex Cold Sore Aqua Net Panasonic Nasacort Gulden's Ibuprom Cortizone 10 St. Joseph Moon Pie MoonPie Lypsyl Poolife Puracyn Plus Close Curves Neo-Synephrine Neo Synephrine Nasoya Vitasoy Nayonaise Aromahaler Gold Bond IcyHot Icy Hot Iceland Health Foster Grant Who's That Behind Those Foster Grant's Heinz Hope Gel HopeGel Gentle Naturals Shaklee Creamette Bronkaid Bioray Balmex Bayer Next Step Road Pro RoadPro USP Zdrowie Rolaids Luden's 4N21 PediaCare Pedia Care Little Remedies Act Total Care Unisom Sleepmelts Ovaltine Midol Plan B One A Day Cutex. capabilities visual positioning messaging consumer research structure package design brandmark global production rx otc switch guidelines

  • About TGG - About - TGG incorporates strategic and analytical technique into its design process to create work that achieves bottom line results. From strategic planning to naming, logotype and brandmark creation, package graphics, structural design, and IP Design Protection, TGG makes brand / consumer connections happen because the hierarchy of visual information (colors, shapes, symbols, and words) reflected in our work is recognized in the same sequence the brain processes it.
  • Client Testimonials - Client Testimonials - TGG The Goldstein Group; The Goldstein Group understands how color effects the eye and the heart, how a brand can be meaningfully distinguished and that clients need a spectrum of choices to make decisions, so while there is always a recommendation, it is in the context of a continuum of ideas. In addition, they are passionate beyond belief. Terri went with us to our customer pitch, and we came away winners because of her knowledge, energy, and conviction. TGG is definitely a group to work with. I look forward to my next chance at collaboration. – Dan Silver, President, Panasonic Home and Health Company. Martin Kovach Zan Guerry Jeffrey Himmel Peter C. Mann Rick Kornhauser Katarzyna Kusmierz Trish Young
  • Our Guiding Principle - Our Guiding Principal - Shelf Sight Sequence™ is our guiding principle and the practical application of the “sequence of cognition.” Despite one’s intuitive belief that the words on a package are most important to drive shopper purchase intent, studies in neuroscience reveal that in fact they are least important. The “sequence of cognition” tells us that visual images of colors, shapes, and symbols are remembered and recognized directly, while words must be decoded into meaning (and keep in mind, you only have 5 seconds or less for shoppers to choose your brand over others.
  • Capabilities - The Goldstein Group - In addition to our in-house staff we maintain strategic alliances with a select few trusted, long-time colleagues / collaborators to strengthen the firm’s capabilities across the full spectrum of brand identity and design, strategic marketing, naming, and IP protection. In doing so, TGG continues to offer all its clients an integrated approach to brand building. capabilities visual positioning messaging consumer research structure package design brandmark global production rx otc switch guidelines
  • Visual Positioning - The Goldstein Group - Positioning is how marketers ensure that their product occupies a distinctive and relevant place in the mind of the target audience – and is consistently chosen over the competition. Unfortunately, most approaches to positioning are purely words. Visual Positioning embraces the fundamental understanding behind the sequence of cognition by defining and expressing the positioning strategy with images, colors, shapes, and symbols. During the TGG DesignSmart™ process, we develop three critical deliverables that inspire the creative development: Verbal Branding Schematics, Brand Hierarchy Models, and Territory Portraits. Together with our Design Strategy document, these elements bring your positioning to life in a way that cannot be expressed in words.
  • Brand Mythos - The Goldstein Group - Building the reason-to-believe behind your brand is a finely tuned process that TGG has spent years perfecting. A mythos can enhance a brand’s origin to build the unique selling proposition, brand tone, personality as context for investors, trade and ultimately consumers. With a team of storytellers led by Carl Andress, TGG can intricately weave a brand mythos into all touch points so that every phase of development is anchored in the brand’s reason-to-believe. A carefully constructed brand mythos creates romance, intrigue, consistency, and gives your consumer a real reason to choose you over any other offering. While forever giving them something to talk about, beyond your brand name.
  • Messaging - The Goldstein Group - Words may be last in the sequence of cognition, but they still serve a critical role for any branding campaign. Taglines express a brand’s core essence, package claims convey competitive advantage on shelf, and labels ensure that a product complies with regulatory standards. Our copywriters and designers work together to communicate your brand essence in the most effective way possible. messaging
  • Research - The Goldstein Group - While we draw upon our collective expertise and years of training and experience, we rely on customized market research to inform our thinking, inspire our work, and guide development. Our custom research practice is lead by Joan Triestman, a 25-year veteran of the marketing research industry. Joan leads a select group of global researchers who are experts in understanding the needs of consumers, shoppers, patients and medical professionals. While we utilize proprietary research techniques consistent with our TGG DesignSmart™ process, we also offer customized studies to address the unique challenges faced by each client. Our range of expertise includes focus groups, one-on-one interviews, ethnographic studies, and neuroscience measures.
  • Structure - The Goldstein Group - Recognizing the importance of shape in the sequence of cognition, TGG offers its clients a structural design capability via Carson Ahlman and the TGG creative team that can be seamlessly integrated across all aspects of our branding practice. Our innovative structural packaging and product design programs include bottle design, boxboard structures and thermoformed plastics to improve functional characteristics while defining a brand’s aesthetic assets and image. Our designers are an excellent creative resource with a refined aesthetic sense, 3D modeling skills, and knowledge in all areas of materials and processes. We combine extensive visualization techniques with ethnographic research and analysis to uncover key insights for strategic innovation. Along with concept development, we offer research and project management capabilities. Structure
  • Package Design - The Goldstein Group - Our award-winning team of graphic designers first worked together at IQ Design Group, breathing new life into iconic brands like Bayer, Pam, Heinz, Ovaltine, and Aquafresh. Since the formation of TGG, the team has developed package designs that have resulted in extraordinary sales impact for clients at Chattem, Blacksmith Brands, Prestige Brands, Massimo Zanetti, Panasonic, Sanofi-Aventis and Bayer Consumer Products. Employing the TGG DesignSmart™ process, our designers deliver graphic explorations of colors, shapes and symbols across four phases of work. The final design stands out on the retail shelf and communicates the brand’s positioning in such a way as to prompt purchase and establish category leadership.
  • Brandmark - The Goldstein Group - Based on our learning during the pre-design phase, TGG designers can refine and strengthen existing brandmarks – or create entirely new ones. We engage in careful typographical exploration, considering various attributes and relationships between each letterform. We can also redraw, modify and manipulate existing logotypes to express nuances of positioning, personality and emotion. Our designers work closely with our in-house copywriters to ensure that any name and tagline we develop can be expressed visually.
  • Global - The Goldstein Group - Global Commercialization reflects our emerging strategic initiatives abroad. We believe that the sequence of cognition – as embodied by our pioneering Shelf Sight Sequence™ application – is both relevant and compelling to consumers worldwide. We are proud to have served some of the leading brands in Europe, and are energized by what lies ahead.
  • RX-OTC Switch - The Goldstein Group - TGG is the brand identity and design firm behind some of the most successful RX-OTC switches in US history; Allegra® and Nasacort®. The challenge of maintaining brand recognition from a prescription identity to an OTC identity or developing a powerful visual expression within regulatory guidelines built largely around words, is our specialty. Switch.
  • Production - The Goldstein Group - Implementation is critical to the success of any branding program. That’s why our production standards are among the highest in the industry. During the final phase of development, we carefully tailor the creation of art and type elements to address the production process. We take every precautionary measure up front to ensure that our clients receive optimal visual reproductions of our work. Industry veteran and Director of Production, Tom Conti, provides an incredible grasp of what can and cannot be done when it comes to production. In addition to taking ownership of all pre-press operations, Tom is the pioneer of a unique proofing process that serves as the gold standard for our clients.
  • Guidelines - The Goldstein Group - With more and more companies sharing the responsibility of stewarding brand identity with their employees, the goal of consistency becomes an even greater challenge. Without the correct standards and guidelines, managing the integrity and consistency of a brand’s expression is next to impossible. Our style guides include brand identity assets, color standards, signature guidelines, typography specifications, collateral material usage and IP guidance.
  • The Team - The Goldstein Group - The Team - The Goldstein Group. Led by industry veteran Terri Goldstein, the TGG team is comprised of a high-caliber group of strategic planners, graphic and industrial designers, copywriters, name developers, researchers, and Intellectual Property experts. Terri Goldstein, Carl Andress, Brian Hauck, Kristin Griffiths, Joan Tresman, Kenyon Phillips, Tom Conti, Melissa Carey, Liliana Parodi-Huml, Belle

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