Review: - The 5 Love Languages Review - View,An honest review of the book The 5 Love Languages of Children and the impact it has made on my family.

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  • W. Miller - End Times Eyeopeners

    There is a lot of history in Thomas Horn's books, history that is totally different than what I have believed most all my life. I am a former Roman Catholic and it burdens me that so many people have l been so deceived in what many of the leaders of the Catholic Church teach and what they themselves believe. I first read EXO - VATICANA which I believe is like a prelude to ZENITH 2016. Mr. Horn's books have many, many notes that verify the facts of the book. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:37..."But as the days of Noah, so also will the coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) be." The other scripture that is very important to note is in Ecclesiastes 1:9-11, all three verses God gave of His wisdom to Solomon.

  • John Hong - Just Dance Interface changed

    I was very happy with the interface shown in Just Dance 2013 and Just Dance Greatest Hits. The new interface is a bit more complex and harder to use for people with disability. It is so much more difficult that my brother will not play with it and prefers the older Just Dance games. He did like the new songs, and dance graphics, but it all comes back to the ease of choosing the songs.

  • John T. Kesil - Seiki

    i was watching a old 60" and it finally shot out so although skeptical like everybody i'm sure was cause of the off brand. i got it for 800 the old TV was standard most likely but to me good picture. but watching the new one after tweaking it like color, contrast etc. my standard cause i do not have HD is great even in standard HD is probably unreal. i have a 32 inch in my room and i thought the picture was great this blew it away. the thing i noticed the further away the better my living room is not huge like 12x12 or something. i'm sure there is better out there no doubt but for the money mega deal. a bunch of TV is watched here so i'll come back down the road. the negative review is bull my father and i carried it in and he is 78 come on.