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  • Bonnie Jean Barber - LOVE THIS!

    I had been using an off brand of the same kind of thing, it was suppose to be "the same", but wasn't helping stop the burn at all. I got the AZO, and now I am NEVER going back to an off brand again!

  • Sandra Matsunaga - Glad it's paraben-free, but it STINKS!

    I HATE this scent. I'm sorry. I love this company and I love "safe" soaps free of parabens and pthalates, but I can't stand this particular scent. I love oranges, I love cream, I love creamsicles, so I thought this soap would smell great to me! However, those scents are also mixed with something yucky that reminds me of hippies, perhaps from the calendula or something? However, we do have calendula soap by Weleda and it doesn't remind me of hippies at all. I don't know, but it bothers me and after using this soap one time I will be donating it or simply tossing it, because I never want my baby to smell like that again. And, actually, I even rewashed her the one time with some other soap, because I disliked the scent so much. I'd give it 1 star, but I do love the fact that this product is made without all those nasty and potentially dangerous chemicals so common in other soaps. Oh well, each scent won't appeal to everyone, but I'd just like to warn others. This is not a light, fruity, clean or creamy scent like I was hoping. It's much more spicy.

  • lord viper scorpion - i am sticking with BF4

    review of full game not the Beta. well its a step up from Battlefront, but that is not saying much since a hernia is a step up from Battlefront. The game does have a fair amount of content including a campaign mode but the campaign is pretty easy, short, boring, and not very challenging even on hard. I beat it while waiting for the game to download. The game looks great and most of the maps are well detailed. I think every map does need some more work in order to be enjoyable. The bigger maps have objectives that are far apart causing a ton of people to snipe or hang out and wait for a vehicle. The smaller map are to tight quarters with far to many corners causing a ridiculous amount of camping. The weapons/engagements need a ton of fixing. the assault class primary weapon is useless from medium to long range. The sniper rifles are to easy (I got 17 kills with it the first time I used one). The hit markers seem a bit off as well. My biggest complaint though is how much this game feels like Battlefront and not BF3, or 4. The game doesn't encourage teamwork. There is a ton of spawn in and sprint somewhere, kill someone by shooting then in the back, then you get killed by getting shot in the back and then do it all over again. The big question. Is the game fun. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing Product and Works Great!

    I stumped on this product while researching for weight loss products on Amazon. After carefully reading the reviews I realized this product was for those who had lots of weight to lose and didn't see many reviews for those whose BMI is not very high. I took a chance and brought the product anyway to see if it works for me. I am writing this review for those who are not heavily overweight but still want to lose weight. I started this product few weeks ago. My weight at the beginning of taking this product was 131 pounds and my target weight is 116-118 pounds (I am 5'3.5 inches). I followed the directions of using the product as per other reviews. 2 days of gorging food and eating all I like and then from 3rd day on I took 12 drops thrice a day and restricted my meals to under 600 calories per day, so added fat or sugar. I mostly ate steamed fish or shrimp with steamed vegetables. Had coffee with Truvia and non-fat dairy creamer (twice a day). I did cheat once or twice a week. After 2 plus weeks in to using this product I lost 7 pounds (Considering my weight and BMI losing 7 pounds isn't easy) I am at 123.4 pounds as of now. I am on to buying my second bottle. This product curbs appetite and cravings and helps lose fat. If you are looking for a product to lose weight, try this one, you wont regret it. Make sure you follow the VLCD with no fat and sugar to help you lose weight. Good Luck!