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  • zamoley - The best formula for fine soft (normal-oily) hair.

    It works supremely well, does not cause static. The difference in my hair was quite noticeable immediately upon first use. I love this product and find this formula to be the best out of all other Mane 'n Tail leave-in conditioners/ sprays. I will repurchase many times over; and highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Stephen Condra - Fast does not equal "quick charge." Be forewarned.

    I had very high hopes for this. I was let down. It charges much slower than its description says. I have multiple quick charge devices, and nothing quick charges. I think maybe I was confused by the slick marketing and "fast" charging is not the same as quick charging. Oh well. I'll not buy another one of these and I won't recommend them in the future.

  • TKPFB - Clean that pee

    This bottle is totally required. The spray bottle will definitely need to be refilled before you are done cleaning up the pee.

  • Tina Konopa - Research yourself

    I haven't used these yet for my own baby, but I have for my nephews. They are easy to take apart to clean. I've heard the best recommendations for these bottles compared to any others.

  • Christina C - THIS STUFF IS GREAT!

    I have baby fine, colored hair. It has been a problem all my life- dry ends, oily roots. Basically looks like feathers. Wen has totally changed the texture of my hair. It took me a second to get the hang of it- you have to use kind of a lot, and scrub your scalp for a bit. I use the cucumber now but I'm trying the lavender next. I don't use it as a leave in, I find that is a little too much for my hair. I actually think I am going to be able to grow my hair past my shoulders with this product for the first time in 15 years.

  • Eric S - Easy Beer

    It took an hour or so to start off, but it went well. I have the wort in the keg and I assume it is fermenting nicely. In two weeks I will transfer to the bottles.