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  • Keyon W. - Solid album. Worth a listen ALL THE WAY THROUGH....

    I am a J. Cole fan. Have been since the Warm-up. With that being said this is a solid album through and through. If you enjoyed any of his album minus Sideline story (sorry that was his weakest effort to me) and his mixtapes, you wouldn't want to miss this album. I was surprised to see a new release from him, pleasantly surprised I must say. I really enjoyed the listen. Love his transparency, that what makes me a fan. That really shines on this album. There are a couple songs I couldn't get into such as....G.O.M.D and Hello. I understand their message, just didn't sink in with me. I skip those now. Other than those songs, I can play it front to back. The reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating was because I don't deem this a classic record. The warm-up is classic to me. I would have gave it 4.5 stars but you can't unfortunately. For the Cole fans, GET IT! Support your man because other than Kendrick Lamar there really isn't any mainstream artist with anything worth listening to nowadays. I've lost hope for this "New hip-hop" but because of J Cole and Kendrick I still have a blimp of hope for its future. If you're not a fan, shame on you. You missing out on the REAL!

  • Amazon Customer - Whoever She Is, Gaga Delivers

    A huge departure from Born This Way and Fame/Monster, and thankfully from Artpop, this album is eclectic and a little raw around the edges, yet still totally Gaga. She's showcasing the voice she fine tuned for the Sound of Music salute and Tony Bennett, but it's the one she's been hiding in deep cuts all along. The lyrics are sometimes brilliant and sometimes knowingly cheesy, but the musicianship is top notch from Gaga and her collaborators. Nothing is purely anything, and the folk and country and roots songs are still decorated with rock and disco and EDM, and flow through each other. It's an interesting new non-meat dress direction for Gaga, and where it leads us all is part of the fun. Well worth buying!

  • P. J. Mullins - An interesting read into Bible prophecy!

    A very interesting read for studiers of Bible prophecy. I believe there is a lot of truth here that many people are afraid to accept and all too ready to dismiss. Give this a read through, then go back and read it again, looking up verses and reading specified Bible chapters. It all lines up.

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  • Farmer Pete - Cheap Quality

    Build quality is less than I was expecting. The case is pretty worthless. It does the job, as long as you aren't expecting too much. Obviously, if you were going to be using these much, I would recommend going with a better brand. If you just want them for the once a year project to assemble a bed/desk/bicycle etc, it should work for you. It's only a few months since I got this, and I've already replaced it with a higher quality and more comprehensive collection of sockets.

  • KathyFL - This stuff tastes HORRIBLE & leaves a nasty aftertaste

    I got a box of this elsewhere & they taste so bad, I decided to go look at reviews. I don't know about health benefits but this stuff tastes HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm surprised there wasn't more mention about just had bad this stuff tastes. I've only had 6 of these instant mix drinks & each day they are harder to get down. They leave a horrible aftertaste that lasts & lasts. They are super sweet like artificial sweetener. Totally nasty. I don't think I'll make it through the whole box & I sure as heck won't buy this again.