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  • Bruce lawrence - Leaks badly, I returned it

    I have used the Waterpik for several years. It diedt and I went to buy another one, then changed my mind. It was not well made, it leaked, the tool holder broke, and it died too soon... and it cost twice as much as this H2ofloss. After reading the reviews I decided to give this one a try.

  • Keyboard Player - This is a great collector's album

    This is a great collector's album. Information about the parks is very helpful. Looking forward to collecting all of the quarters in this series.

  • Nikki - Just another junky MLM supplement

    Tried it and didn't feel any different. I bet the reason so many people feel different immediately is the damn caffeine. Don't waste your money. It's just another junky MLM supplement.

  • JimR - One Heck of a Phone for the Price!

    They say that you get what you pay for. Blu phones are a GREAT exception to the rule. Because the company does not do much advertising (I found out about them in a PC Magazine), their phones are dirt cheap / but as good as they come. When I took this phone to T-Mobile the sales people were amazed at the quality and screen. When I told them how much I paid, one of them started to take notes.

  • Tamara D. Carter - I Love Garcinia Cambogia

    Great product. I don't know if I lost weight such as numbers on the scale but I feel great. I have so much energy I feel like Super Woman. I am going to the Dr on May 6 th and I will get my weight then so I can be surprised. I tend to be a scale hog at home but I'm waiting for my visit so I can be surprised. I also noticed I am not in as much pain from my arthiritis as before. I can walk longer and workout longer. I sleep like a baby and have a feeling of peace and calm all day. I am more focused and can remember things much better also. My starting weight is 197.2 I will update once I have my Dr visit. I started the Garcinia on April 13, 2014. I take 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal 3 x a day, that gives me the 3000 mg for the day. I drink 4/ 32oz bottles of water a day. The pills make me feel so full and I knew they were working when I ate lunch at Chili's and couldn't finish my food. That was a first for me. :-)

  • M. T Young-Jones - It didn't. My nails actually became more brittle and ...

    It didn't. My nails actually became more brittle and kept splitting so I stopped taking it and trimmed my nails to the quick.